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Welcome to Coolie Nation!

Coolie Nation is a new custom koozie site to correspond to a new way of thinking. We, the foremothers of Coolie Nation (yes, we are all women), strongly believe that there are a few things in life that matter:

1. Love your kids - this is why we work - we have kids and they need to eat. So when you personalize your koozies with us, you are helping feed our families! So we thank you for that.

2. Love everyone we have a very friendly all inclusive work environment which makes for a very productive office. We treat everyone regardless of age, skin color, sex, sexual orientation (Yes we have printed gay wedding koozies), religion, etc with the same amount of respect as we treat our children.

3. Value and cherish our customers. Yes that is you. We know there are lots of sites on the web that offer custom koozies; however people continually choose to shop at Coolie Nation, why? We have the best customer service on planet earth. We WILL NOT let client walk away upset after working with us and purchasing koozies from us - it just will not happen.

4. Put your money where your mouth is. Yes, we offer a no Hassle money back guarantee and have honored it 100% of the time. If you are not pleased with the product, if the koozies do not arrive on time (this rarely happens and we cannot control fed ex or weather but we still honor it.), or if you just want to cancel your order, we will get you your money back.

5. Offer quality product - We are coolie nation, 100% of our koozies are custom made and custom printed. We print photograph, bottle, can, water bottle, fabric, neoprene koozies and we do it with pride. Please shop with us and we will prove to you we are the best custom koozie site on the web.