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Our KOOZIE® and COOLIE History

Coolie nation has been in the custom Koozie and coolie industry since the late 1990s. In our time in as printers, we have seen the revolution of the custom Koozie and coolie industry firsthand. Did you know that the inventor of the original beer cooler was a woman named Bonnie McGough? Of course, the design that you know and love and use to keep your beer cold has changed a lot since its invention, and the industry around customizing the coolie has changed even more. Actually, we're one of the main driving forces in the changes that have taken place in the last two decades. While some giant corporations are trying to crush small companies like ours, unlike them, we have never lost the true meaning behind customized coolies: our customers.

When we started out, we only printed coolies for friends and family in our garage. The idea was simple, offer personalized gifts to the people that meant the most to us and share a cold beer amongst friends. We didn’t have any special printing equipment. When we started out, computers and digital art were not as advanced as they are today, so it took 3 times as long to set up the art to screen print. Often we would have to do everything 100% manually. This did not stop us, and gradually, through recommendations by friends and the support from family members, we decided we could make a business out of what had previously been a fun hobby.

In the beginning, we were inspired by both screen-print pop art and other styles of art in the late 1990s. Taking into consideration our artistic background, our love for beer (especially cold beer) and our love for screen printing, we combined all of these things to create what is known today as

Given our background, we have always cared about the quality of the final product. We are an all American company, so we know our customer’s values and we take them to heart.

Here are 10 fun facts about our business printing custom Koozies and coolies.

1. We printed our first Koozie by hand, actually we would take sharpies and ink pens and draw directly on the product and dry it in the oven.

2. In our first year, we printed less than 25 orders the entire year. We now print more than this many orders in one day.

3. The company loves to work with military veterans who served our nation. The majority of our floor management, printers, and artists, are all former United States Marines. And not to brag for them, as they never would ;), but every single one has served in Iraq or Afghanistan, and many are purple heart recipients.

4. We are the only company on the web that offers free art to a customer before they buy. There is absolutely no obligation to pay in order to receive a design proof. Whether you're looking to buy custom tee shirts, custom tote bags, custom Koozies (r) or custom coolies, we will do your art 100% for free. This means there are no art fees, ever, and you don't have to pay anything to see your design!

5. We generally ship mainly with USPS and Federal Express, but we have shipped DHL to the following countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, Germany, Albania, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia *where alcohol is banned, they actually bought coffee wraps, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Donna, Sierra Leone, SA, Algeria, amongst many others. We even shipped in order to Swaziland.

6. Our custom coolies are not only used to keep beers cold. One of our best customers orders hard foam coolers to use as insulation for metal pipes in their industrial refrigeration company. In our own company, we use hard foam coolies as pencil holders in the office. It just goes to show that there are so many uses for custom coolers!

7. We started printing full color product in 2011, we were the second company and the year's season to ever offer this service.

8. We are on record in the United States for the most orders taken after 5:00 PM. Almost daily we have orders for custom Koozies or coolies that have to be filled after 5:00 PM. We literally start the order, print the order, packed order, and ship the order overnight. Our record is 1000 pieces in under an hour when all the Marines on the floor were focused just on the order.

9. The owners and management team of the business are very philanthropic. has donated product and money to the following causes including autism awareness, breast cancer awareness, various other cancer awareness, child abuse prevention organizations, people for the ethical treatment of animals, when a lawyers, salvation army, American Red Cross, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA of the USA, as well as many many others. We have not kept count, but we believe we have donated or discounted close to 100,000 pieces. The company's annual goal is 10% of all orders produced are severely discounted (or free) for charities.

10. We offer over 32 products that you can fully customize! That is more than any other company and the United States. Find your custom Koozies and coolies today.

Why are we the number 1 ranked company on the web for Custom KOOZIE(R) and COOLIES?

Our customers know that they are our number 1 priority. When you call us, you can talk to a real live person, highly trained with our company values and the art of custom coolies who can help you with all of your questions, comments, or doubts. If you are in a crowded area, or don’t feel like talking on the phone, you can chat with us on our website. Our sales agents can answer your questions there, too! If you need an answer really early in the morning, the owner of the company wakes up at 4am every day to hop online and make sure our customers are replied to promptly. Everyone on our team is dedicated to providing great service. Even our pets are crazy about custom coolies!

One of the best parts about our company is the fact that we can offer 24 hour delivery. Since we print and ship 100% of our products in the USA, if you process your payment today before 4pm Eastern time, we can send your last minute custom party favor order to you via FedEx and have it arrive at your door at 8am tomorrow. Our rush coolies service is highly sought after since many companies will tell you, last minute, that they are unable to complete you order, and that’s where we swoop in and save the day. Or maybe you forgot to order your coolies, we all know that life can get in the way, and now it’s two days away from your wedding and you still haven’t gotten party favors. The only thing left to do is give us a call at 7048485155 and we will help you with all your custom coolie party favor needs. Unlike other companies, we guarantee our delivery dates, so if you don’t get your order on time, we will refund you.

What is there to lose?

All you have to do is fill out the free proof form above and within an hour you will have a digital free art proof that you will fall in love with. No more shopping around and looking for designs that might kind of fit your event! All you need to do is describe your ideas to us, and we will be able to create the perfect custom design for you. If you can think it, we can print it!

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