4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

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Coolie nation guarantees


Coolienation.com is a site that takes the full customization of KOOZIE(R) and COOLIES as serious as a heart attack…. and we move as fast as one too!!!

We can literally taken orders at 5pm for 1,000 pieces and have them 3,000 miles away in California the next morning at 8am…and live to tell the tale!

How do you print KOOZIE® and COOLIES so fast?

For starters, we have a warehouse of over 500,000 pieces. We carry in stock at all times over 32 products and 500 color variations. We also do photograph printing that allows us to print over 6,000 color combinations! So no matter the color or the product, we can print it SUPER FAST!!!

So Once our sales team (operating from 6am-10pm) receives an order that needs overnight shipping, they page the floor manager letting them know the art has been confirmed that needs to go overnight (NOTHING GOES TO PRINT WITHOUT YOUR APPROVAL OF THE DESIGN).

The floor manager assigns the art to a printer and then the printer.

1. Prints the film – 5 minutes, (the film is a positive used to make a screen).
2. The film is confirmed to be 100% correct then is laid on top of the screen – 2 mins
3. The screen is placed in a light box and “burned” – 2 minutes
4. The screen is removed and washed out leaving the unexposed emulsion to be removed and the screen is complete – 10 minutes
5. The screen is dried and taped off – 5 minutes
6. The screen has ink placed on it on the platen press and the printing takes place. A good print person can print 300 KOOZIE(R) or COOLIES in under 1 hour.
7. As the product comes through the dryer (all ink has to be dried at 700 degrees) the product is taken by the shipping and handling department and boxed in real time. The label is printed, the box created, and other shipping issues handled as the product is printed. This way we can ensure that the product can be boxed as it comes off the press.

Finally once all of the above is done, we hand it off to FEDEX (Link to fedex.com here) or UPS (link to them as well) to guarantee overnight delivery.

What shipping options do I have?

We generally work with fedex.com but we also work witph USPS and UPS. We can ship items…

1. Standard overnight – this means 8pm residence and 5pm business addresses, guaranteed.
2. Priority overnight – this means either noon or 10:30 am depending on where you are located in the USA.
3. FIrst overnight – this is the most expensive delivery but is generally 8am guaranteed or 10:30am for more remote parts of the USA.

We also use two day, three day, and ground to guarantee delivery dates.

Is rush shipping and printing of KOOZIE(®) and COOLIES expensive?

The answer is yes and no. We try our hardest to manage our shipping costs, and due to our volume, we have drastically reduced rates that are much cheaper than what the average American pays. Nevertheless, standard print and ship ensures the customer the lowest cost product…so I guess it pays not to procrastinate!!!

If you want a quote on a product, please call us at 704-848-5155 for the fastest service!

Is rush shipping and printing of KOOZIE(®) and COOLIES expensive?

Yes!!! This is what makes us different from all other companies on the web. We put our money where are mouth is!!! This means if you order with a guaranteed in hand date, and for some reason, we miss it!!! You get a 100% refund!!!

This means, fedex makes a mistake (it happens, rarely, but it happens) or UPS makes a mistake, we will fully refund you… this includes for weather related issues as well!!!

There it is, it is in writing! 100% guaranteed! We are the only USA KOOZIE AND COOLIE Company to offer that!

So, hopefully after reading this blog, you feel comfortable ordering your custom KOOZIE(®) and COOLIES from Coolienation.com, the foremost leader in everything KOOZIE(®),everything COOLIES, and everything FAST!

All you have to do is fill out the form above, process your payment, and receive your custom coolers FAST, delivery guaranteed TOMORROW.

NOTE: If you have a delivery date within 2 days, please call us at 704-848-5155 so we can make sure you get your coolies in time.

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