4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews


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Color Options in This Style

You’ll never look at tailgating the same

In a world where beer can now be iced and microbreweries in California can reach customers in Maine, sometimes it’s still nice to depend on your good ole’ favorites for the times when you need life to be a little less complicated. At this point you might be thinking that is totally opposite of the title of this paragraph! To that I tell you, just because you’ve had (and love) a cheeseburger, does that not mean that a double cheeseburger might be just as delicious or even better? You had your favorite “everyday” beer before being able to tell how cold it was by the mountains on the can but isn’t it more fun to see how cold it really is? After all that pomp and circumstance, I present you with your new favorite beverage holder: the KOOZIEⓇ Magnetic insulated beverage container.

Did I hear that correctly? A KOOZIEⓇ Magnet insulated beverage container?

Yes, indeed, a KOOZIEⓇ Magnetic insulated beverage container is the latest and greatest way to not only keep your beverage super extra cold and keep track of it, but to keep it off the ground and within easy reach all at the same time. What can this possibly stick to? YOUR CAR (absolutely never when driving of course! Tailgate, stationary, purposes only)! That’s right, I said it, open up that trunk, set up your portable table and stick this product right to the side of your car. Get your grill set up right next to that and not only will it save space on your limited prep-work area, it’s also always at hand.

What can I do to design this awesome style?

We’ll hook you up with our team of fantastically experienced and expert designers and get you started with the design of your dreams. Print is available with single ink screen print on one side. Why not both? The magnet is sewn into one side so that when it’s stuck onto something metallic, you can prominently see the design you worked so very hard on. Single ink screen print has been a gold standard in the printing industry as early as 1907 in the western world! It’s a process that has seen modifications over the years and been streamlined so that it provides a lasting quality impression for many years to come.

Talk colors to me!

The KOOZIEⓇ Magnetic insulated beverage container is available in black and most single ink screen print colors print fantastically on it. What’s the exception? Black ink would be tough to see as well as some of our darker colors like charcoal, brown or navy. Check out the ink chart for inspiration and as always, we’re here to help!

Ink color chart



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