4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

neoprene koozie with custom color stitching, high-quality neoprene material, and a printed bottom
Custom pint glass koozie with brewery design on them
Girl showcasing custom-designed pint glass koozies with a variety of patterns, all available for full-color print customization
an american flag indicating that coolie nation is a usa koozie business
three neoprene pint glass koozies with full-color prints and bottom detailing

Collapsible Neoprene Pint Glass Coolie

  • Free Proof In 15 Minutes!
  • No Obligation To Buy!
  • USA Printed.
  • Overnight Delivery Available!
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*** Images can take a minute or two! Your proof will be great! Email [email protected] if you're not redirected. ***

Color Options in This Style (Ink Options Unlimited)

Why choose the neoprene pint glass?

Whether you are looking for the original KOOZIE(R) to customize or one of our high end unique personal coolies, the neoprene pint glass cooler is a great go-to. Most clients who choose this product are high end bars, lounges, weddings and events where the beers flows cold and smooth and budgets are not tight. Any time we print neoprene pint glass coolies, we know the event will have amazing craft brews that taste best when they are cool and refreshing. If you are serving products that fit in solo cups, pint glasses, stadium cups, or standard angled glassware, this neoprene pint coolie will probably the perfect fit for your event.

Top 9 things to know about the neoprene pint coolie.

1. It is slightly different than our other coolie and KOOZIE(R) products as it only comes in neoprene and is not available in fabric, unlike many of our other products that is available in both. This means, the only option is the premium neoprene material for this product. If you are interested in a lower cost similar version, the solo cup fabric might work. You can check solo cup fabric coolers by clicking here, or simply mention that you would like to see a proof on a solo cup cooler in the form above and we will create an art proof of your design on both products so you can see what you like best!

2. The product can be printed seam to seam. One of the advantages of this product as the you can literally print the entire product, including the bottom. So you can create a “panoramic coolie design” where the entire design is sewn together as one…it looks really cool to create this effect. Just keep in mind that due to stretching, the sides will not perfectly match up and this is totally normal!

3. We stamp the product with a dye cutter out of rolls of 3mm neoprene material. The product is then printed flat at about 400 degrees fahrenheit. After the product has cooled, it is sewn. The hard part and time consuming part of creating this product is the sewing. Thank goodness for sewing machines!!

4. The coolie will keep a pint/glass cold for several hours. The 3mm neoprene makes it impermeable to heat and keeps the drink ice cold. Neoprene is the same material scuba divers use when deep sea diving, so you know it has serious insulation powers.

5. We first developed this product in 2009, one of the first companies on the web to offer this product.

6. The neoprene pint is the most expensive product to ship as it requires the largest box per unit volume and also weighs the most!

7. We can overnight deliver this product if ordered today, just like any other of our products!

8. The product is quickly becoming one of the most popular products among wedding and bachelor parties.

9. Our largest neoprene pint glass order was a 10,000 piece order to a brewery in Colorado!

How do I see a free proof of my design on the neoprene pint glass?

It is easy as 1-2-3… Please fill out the form above with your personal information, your name, your email (so we know where to send the design), and tell us about your design ideas and will get to work! You will have the proof in less than 1 hour!

What Are The Available Colors?

You can print ANY color with Heat Sublimation!


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