4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

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Sleeve Solo Cup

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Color Options in This Style (Ink Options Unlimited)

Best of Both Worlds

These little red cups have been kicking ass and taking names for years now. In fact the only thing that you might see more at parties would be coolies. Both are great and essential for different reasons. Without the Solo Cup you wouldn’t be able to drink. And without the coolie you wouldn’t be able to keep your beer cold. However coolies can do more than just add cushion to your cup of Michelob. If you run a business or just want to celebrate someone in your life then a KOOZIE® or Coolie makes a great portable billboard! Feel free to stretch your graphic design skills and create something unique and wonderful.

How It All Works

The whole printing process is pretty simple. It starts by filling out the free proof form and getting your ideas down. Once that is done one of our top designers will get back to you with some options. But don’t feel any pressure to approve the design before you’re ready. There is no extra charge for requesting more proofs. We want you to like your coolie and the design is a huge part.

Slip On The Sleeve

The Solo Cup sleeve coolie is different from our other Solo Cup design in that it has no bottom. They both slip on easily over the cup but this coolie uses the conical shape of the cup to stay in place. The pros of this design is that it’s less material and therefore better for the environment and is also easier to store. Another great thing about the sleeve is that it’s more adaptable. As long as the shape is similar to a solo cup then this coolie will fit. The biggest con is that you’ll have to hold your cup around the center only, but that is where you’d hold your cup of beer anyway right?

The Designs Are Unlimited

The sleeve coolie is printed with a heat press onto unsewn coolie, this means that the designs are created digitally and can be anything. You also are able to choose the background for your design, it can be any single color, mixture of colors or something more fun like tiedye. With these printing methods the Solo Cup sleeve can have the same image on both sides, two different images or one continuous image that stretches across the whole sleeve.

Customer Satisfaction

Every KOOZIE® and COOLIE we sew and press is done here in America using local workers. This allows us to offer rush shipping on most of our coolies as well as put money back into the economy. As I said it is our top priority that our customers enjoy their order so before orders are shipped we check them carefully for any flaws. Any issues found are remedied quickly so your in-hand date remains the same.


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