4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

ice cream pint koozie customized made from neoprene material and logo business design on them and fit most ice cream pints

Collapsible Ice Cream Pint Coolie

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Want to Customize Your Ice Cream?

So who doesn’t love a good pint of ice cream! There are dozens of flavors and variations of ice cream itself to fit nearly every type of person. In the warm summer months nothing helps end a hot day better than sitting down with a delicious cone or pint. However, ice cream can be messy and really cold to the touch. I mean duh it is in the name but you can keep your hands warm and the sundae cold. Just get some KOOZIE® and Coolies for your pints! With the custom coolie all you have to do is handle the spoon.

Why Customize Your Pint?

Just as there are hundreds of different flavors there’s just as many different creameries out there. And usually to each person there’s a clear winner in this category. So next time you’re sharing a pint with your friends, why not cover it in a KOOZIE® or COOLIE that proclaims the best creamery to exist? In addition to showcasing your favorite creamery there are literally dozens of other reasons. From celebrating a reunion, wedding or graduation all could be greatly enhanced by a nice customized coolie.

Best Way To Get Your Design Down?

For ice cream pints, our best method of printing is heat sublimation. This is when we take your approved design and print it on a special transfer paper then place the paper on coolie. Our personalized coolies are then placed under a heated element for 15 seconds at 425° Fahrenheit. During the heating process the ink on the paper becomes a gas which is then transferred to the fabric of the product. As it rapidly cools, the ink is permanently transferred to the threads of the product and won’t peel or flake off.

What We Can Print

With heat sublimation as the option your choices are pretty much endless. We can easily do a photograph, quote or logo on any type of background you choose. The KOOZIE® and COOLIE we print on are collapsible so once they are sewn the coolies can be stored literally anywhere. These custom KOOZIE® and COOLIE are also extremely easy to travel with so take them with you next time you visit the favorite local spot.

Printed right here in the USA!

Every product we sew and press is done here in America using local workers. This allows us to offer rush shipping on most of our products as well as put money back into the economy. Before orders are shipped they are checked for quality control and verified that everything has been done correctly. If it doesn’t meet our standards we will work with you to find the best solution.

Now that you know more about our process, you should get started! To see an art proof before you buy, simply fill out the free proof form above and we will send you a design of what your coolie will look like. Remember, we never, EVER print anything without the customer approval beforehand, so feel free to request as many edits as you need before you pay.


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