4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

Collapsible Neoprene Wine Glass Coolie

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Single ink color options (Ink Options Unlimited)
wine koozie colors available

Looking for a different party favor?

The Wine Coolie  is one of the most if not most portable coolie we offer. The custom wine coolie can be easily folded for carrying purposes. Put it in your pocket, purse or tote bag and take it with you to any event where wine is involved. While it is lightweight, this wineware coolie offers great protection for your fragile stemmed wine glasses.

Why choose to customize?

You can print your personalized design in a single color or multiple color design when screen printing, which we recommend.The ink choices are much more diverse, including specialty ones like shimmering ink. Our wine glass coolie can be printed on 3 different sides with either the same or different designs. Not only that, you can feel good about the fact that all our products are printed by us in the good ‘ol USA!

What is Screen Printing on Custom Coolies?

For Screen Printing, we usually start with a sewn neoprene coolie that we have pre-dyed. We take the design that has been approved by the customer and create a silk screen. The screen goes through a special process so that ink will pass through the screen and imprint the design. We print each blank wine glass coolie one by one, checking each individual piece to make sure that it is 100% perfect. After the design is pressed onto the coolie, we place it into a machine to dry the ink. The dryer we use is about 900° F and takes about 30 seconds for the ink to completely dry. The ink has a special glue that adheres to the neoprene material and will not easily flake off during shipping and distribution.

Is There a Minimum or Maximum For Shipping?

Short answer, no. You can order as little as one or as many as you like. We do offer discounts with larger orders and we can also rush ship most orders. We ship with either FedEx or USPS depending on which one works better for you the customer! Our box sizes range to fit 1-500 in either single or multiple box shipments.

Family 100% Quality Guarantee!

Now that you know more about our process, you should get started! To see a free design art proof before you buy, simply fill out the free proof form above and we will send you a design of what your wine glass coolie will look like. Remember, we never, EVER print anything without the customer approval beforehand, so feel free to request as many edits as you need before you pay.


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