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Ode to the Custom Coaster

Today I want to talk about the unsung hero of many parties and social gatherings. I of course am talking about the humble coaster.

Custom Coaster beer  for  parties

               Now you may be wondering what makes this device a hero. Possibly you disagree with me, which is fine but allow me to explain to you why it is such a game changer.

coaster to keep your surface dry and warm at Personalized

               First of all, let’s talk functionality. Similar to a KOOZIE® or coolie it helps keep your surface dry and warm whenever a cold beverage is around. But what sets the simple coaster apart is in completing its mission, your furniture is now saved from water stains. It’s something we don’t think about often but such a simple act has saved so many pieces of furniture.

Promote your brand with Coaster custom for drinks.

               If you’re like me, you probably don’t really care if your drink leaves a mark or not. But I’ve come to realize that’s not my call to make when I’m at a friend’s place. It’s their coffee table, if they want it mark free then as a friend I should help them with that. And it’s not like using a coaster is that hard. Plus, it adds some style to the drink and table.

Neoprene Fabric Coaster Custom perfect for your business and home with the best quality

               These coasters are not those hard ceramic ones either that get stuck to your drink and then fall with a huge clatter. No, these are made of a neoprene fabric that are very comfortable, flexible and stick more to the table than the drink.

Coaster custom for party, brand and business

               It’s not like each coaster looks exactly like the other one. With Custom Printing you can commemorate any occasion. They make excellent party favors for birthdays, holiday parties or a trip with friends. Help make your function a success with a unique coaster.

Perfect Gag gift with a Custom Coaster

               Maybe you’ve got a business and would like to help promote that. You could go the normal route of handing out pens or business cards, but consider the coaster. It’s just as easy to put your business info on one and will definitely be used by your customers.

custom coaster for different ocassion

               The types of designs aren’t limited either. With our designers you can use a logo, color palette, photo or a mixture of all three. Really the sky’s the limit, and if you’re not sure what you want to make then fill out a design form and we’ll help you with your vision.

Custom Coaster Cheap and low prices

               So next time you’re sitting down with a cold cup in your hand but nowhere to put your drink, remember the coaster. Take a minute to appreciate the ingenious design and its versatility. Then you should probably put your drink down and enjoy the party.

Custom coaster with style to the drink and table.

Upload any type of file, image, logo, photo, etc and one of our designers will incorporate it into your design proof!