4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

Collapsible Solo Cup Coolie

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Color Options in This Style (Ink Options Unlimited)
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Tailgate Essentials

When one thinks of tailgating I’m sure several images come to mind. Most likely at the top that list would be beer and grills.Don’t forget to include the humble solo cup though! It would be hard to point your foam finger without landing on one. While the foam would make your beer stay cold it would be quite difficult to drink with one of those gloves. Instead why not wrap the foam directly around your beverage with the neoprene solo cup coolie? These customized KOOZIE® easily slip on the cups and make a comfy handle to enjoy with your friends in the sun.

The Only Cup You Need

Did you know that the solo cup was created as a single use cup? While the cup has changed somewhat it is still only intended for one person at a time. Now the problem becomes determining which identical cup belongs to whom. You could use a marker, but if the cup is sweating then your name could become illegible. Plus the marker doesn’t do anything to keep your beer cold. The neoprene KOOZIE® however fixes all those problems. Just make one with your name and never play the guessing game again. Once the party’s over take your customized coolie with you to the next one.

How It All Works

The whole printing process is pretty simple. It starts by filling out the free proof form and getting your ideas down. Once that is done one of our top designers will get back to you with some options. There is no extra charge for requesting more proofs. We want you to like your KOOZIE® and the design is a huge part.

The Designs Are Unlimited

The standard solo cup coolie is printed with a heat press onto unsewn KOOZIE®, this means that the designs are created digitally and can be anything. You also are able to choose the background for your design, it can be any single color, mixture of colors or something more fun like tie\dye. With these printing methods the standard solo cup can have the same image on both sides or two different images. One such option could be to have personalized coolies with people’s names on one side and a picture or logo on the other side.

Customer Satisfaction

Every KOOZIE® we sew and press is done here in North Carolina using local workers. This allows us to offer rush shipping on most of our coolies as well as put money back into the economy. As I said it is our top priority that our customers enjoy their order so before orders are shipped we check them carefully for any flaws. Any flaws found are remedied quickly so your in-hand date remains the same.


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