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Coolie for Wine Bottle - Fully Customizable

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Coolie for Wine Bottle - Fully Customizable

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Looking to Customize Your Wine?

From picnics to events of all shapes and sizes bottles of wine can be found nearly anywhere. That being the case you may not always think about making a COOLIE for wine bottles but you should! In addition to being customizable, wine bottle coolies offer UV protection to prevent light strike from affecting the taste of your wine as well as keep your hands dry when picking up a bottle that’s been chilled in ice all night. The slip-on bottle design makes it extremely easy to fit your coolie on the bottle as well as remove it when the night is over. The design fits most regular and small bottles of wine.     

Why CustomizeYour Bottle?

For slip-on wine bottles we recommend Heat Sublimation which allows for more color customization than Screen Printing. When creating your free proof keep in mind that you can make the design out of your own pictures, a quote or our designers can create an image that you request. With sublimation your design can wrap around the entire bottle with 2 identical designs one continuous image or 2 different designs. The color of the text, background and imagery are entirely up to you, with sublimation there is no limit.

What is Heat Sublimation Pressing?

After the design has been approved by our customer we print it out on a special transfer paper and then place the sheet on top of the unsewn product made of either neoprene or fabric and then press it with a heated element for 15 seconds at 425° Fahrenheit. During the heating process the ink on the paper becomes a gas which is then transferred to the fabric of the product. As it rapidly cools, the ink is permanently transferred to the threads of the product and won’t peel or flake off.  

The Difference Between Neoprene and Fabric.

It is essentially true that neoprene is the same as fabric just better. Both are flexible insulators as well as smooth and soft. Neoprene is a tad more expensive but holds up better during the sublimation process and creates a better transfer image than fabric. If you’re on a budget though the fabric products work just fine. 

Printed right here in the USA!

Every product we sew and press is done here in America using local workers. This allows us to offer rush shipping on most of our products as well as put money back into the economy. Before orders are shipped they are checked for quality control and verified that everything has been done correctly. If it doesn’t meet our standards we will work with you to find the best solution.

Family 100% Quality Guarantee!

Now that you know more about our process, you should get started! To see an art proof before you buy, simply fill out the free proof form above and we will send you a design of what your coolie will look like. Remember, we never, EVER print anything without the customer approval beforehand, so feel free to request as many edits as you need before you pay.