4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

beer bottle koozie with custom color stitching, neoprene material and bottom printed
bottle koozies with zipper and full color Texas design to keep drinks cool
custom neoprene bottle koozies with zipper and camo bachelor design
three custom zipper neoprene koozies to promote business and parties
Lady showcasing custom-designed zipper neoprene bottle koozies with lively full-color prints and an array of eye-catching patterns

Zipper Neoprene Bottle Coolie

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Single ink color options (Ink Options Unlimited)
zipper neoprene bottle koozie colors available

Are Neoprene Bottle Coolers Worth it?

A wise man once called this cooler style “The Cadillac of Bottle Coolies,” and we have to agree. The high quality wetsuit material is complemented by a sassy little zipper. The neoprene hugs the curves of the bottle, and is both fun and functional. The rubber bottom is an extra detail that not every company adds, but results in an extra flair and utility you didn’t know you couldn’t live without you never know when you are going to be placing your bottle on a slippery, slick surface. The neoprene bottle coolers fit all 12oz bottled beverages and can fold easily to take with you. The high-tech cool insulating material is sure to keep any drink cold, and keep you looking hot.

Why are we the only company to offer zipper neoprene bottle coolers with a rubber bottom?

This is definitely the most extravagant of our classic cooler styles. In fact, it is impossible to find a better type of bottle cooler anywhere, trust us, we know this industry. As the best US distributor in the business, we want you to have access to the creme of the crop. Not only is the material amazing, the stitching and rubber bottom all create a product that you can’t afford to go without. You are our valued customers and we work hard to ensure the quality of our bottle coolers.

Why are neoprene bottle coolers the best?

The reason the neoprene zipper bottle coolers are considered the best of the best is because of the hard work and long hours we dedicate to each individual product. Unlike more simple cooler styles, the zipper neoprene bottle coolers have multiple parts: the zipper, the neoprene body of the cooler, and the rubber no-slip bottom. The first step is cutting the material. Then, we stitch the sides. Both sides have to be double-stitched in order to get the classic criss-cross stitch pattern you can see on all neoprene coolers. Next, we attach the rubber bottom. Finally, the zipper has to be sewn in. For single color designs, this process is finished in advance, but each time we print a fill color design on these coolers, we have to completely assemble each individual one from scratch since we have to print the design on the cooler when it is unsewn. As you can tell, this is a very labor intensive process and even our most experienced seamstress takes several minutes to complete just one bottle cooler. However, it is worth it because these coolers are made of top knotch premium neoprene material, ensuring perfectly smooth printing. We are so proud to offer these quality zipper bottle coolers, customized to perfection.

Should I print both sides of my cooler?

If you go with single ink double side, you may wonder why it is an additional fee per cooler. This is because we have to burn an additional screen for the coolers, and often the zipper tears the screen, forcing us to remake it. If you are going to print on the zipper side, know it is not an easy addition for us to make, but we are always happy to accomodate you wishes because we know printing on both sides looks awesome. If you are going to print on the back, we suggest that you put the company phone number or website address in the space. Why? Because in order to close the cooler, the user of the coolie has to turn it around and pay attention to the zipper side.They will be sure to notice your company information!

What About full color and photograph designs?

When you order photograph zipper neoprene coolers, please remember that the bottom will be fabric, not rubber. Usually, when people print designs on zipper neoprene it comes with a rubber bottom. However, for heat sublimation zipper neoprene coolers this is not possible. However, the good news is that you can print for no extra charge on the bottom of the bottle cooler, too! Isn’t that amazing?

What are you waiting for?

Make sure to fill out the free proof form above and we will create a free art proof on custom neoprene zipper bottle coolers for you.

Zipper Neoprene Bottle Cooler Colors:

Black, Brown, Burgundy, Camo, Dark Green, Fuchsia, Hot Pink, Kelly Green, Lime, Orange, Pink Camo, Purple, Red, Royal, Texas Orange, Turquoise, Yellow. NOTE: Full color/ Photograph designs can be any color


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