4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

Zipper Bottle Coolie

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Single ink color options (Ink Options Unlimited)
zipper bottle koozie colors available for customzied

Looking for a cooler specifically for a bottle?

These coolies might be what you are looking for. Cut and sewn to fit standard bottles, this is a classic choice for all types of events. The zipper on the top allows for the cooler to snuggly fit around the neck of the bottle. The circular ring on the zipper makes it easy to maneuver the cooler open and close. The light weight style has a soft fabric bottom and easily collapses to fit in a purse or bag. You could even roll it up like a sleeping bag! Beer bottles sweat a lot, so keep your hand from getting damp and keep your beverage nice and cool all day.

What is the best coolie for a bottle?

The zipper fabric bottle is the most economical option for keeping your glass bottles cold. The material is dual layered with a soft and flexible foam interior and a fabric exterior onto which we print the custom design. This material creates the perfect protecting layer for your cooler, keeping your beer colder for longer. While standard can coolers fit bottles as well, they don’t cover as much of the bottle so your bottle beer is still vulnerable to the death heat rays of the sun, slowly and steadily warming up your delicious cold beverage to a disgusting warm soupy temperature. Not cool, pun intended.

What kind of designs can I print?

Zipper fabric bottle coolers can be printed in both single color AND full color/ photograph print, and for both types of design we can do printing on both front and back. When we started out printing this style of cooler, we printed a lot of bachelor party coolers. You know how the Corona flows at a good stag party, and the worst thing that can happen is your Corona gets cold. Bachelor party zipper fabric bottle coolies with single side print are much easier for us when it is a screen printed design because it can be really difficult to line up the design on the back with the zipper. However, now we have so much experience, we practically wrote the book on screen printing these bad boys. Of course, after the bachelor party is over, another great occasion for zipper bottle coolers is for weddings. Craft beer is delicious, and the best part about sharing a wedding beer with friends is the ability to chat and enjoy your time together without worrying about the temperature of your beer. We can print any design on bottle coolers, including photos, so if you wanted a cute photo as a happy couple printed on your zipper bottle coolie, it is easy to do. We have seen some very pretty wedding centerpieces starring our custom coolies, and they really can help tie the room together, especially since we can print them according to your wedding colors. Once we started printing on the back of the coolie, we realized the potential for bottle coolies for businesses. If you put your logo on the front and your website, email, and/or phone number on the back it is perfect because any potential customers will look at it as they zip up the back of the bottle cooler. The best way to call attention to your business is to use zipper bottle coolies because they are useful, they last a long time, and they are uncommon and therefore more likely to be remembered than a simple custom business card.

Zipper fabric bottle screen print colors:

Black, Bright Orange, Brown, Burgundy, Crimson, Desert Camo, Forest Camo, Forest Green, Grey, Hot Pink, Kelly Green, Khaki, Lime, Magenta, Navy, Neon Blue, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Teal, Universal Camo, White, Yellow NOTE: Full color/ Photograph designs can be any color


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