My Fellow Americans and Constitutional Scholars -
My Fellow Americans and Constitutional Scholars

Can someone please point me in the direction of where in the US Constitution it states, "Despite the fact millions of Americans have paid the ultimate price to protect our liberties, when a bad case of the flu permeates our great land we reserve the right to work to work with the press to scare the living shit out of our constituents and trample the rights of all?”

I’ll wait.

For those who have not been paying attention and/or not taken a Constitutional Law Course, the #steveradamuspsa1 will give you a quick rundown of what you recently missed, how your rights were trashed, and for that matter, are still being trashed.

The #FirstAmendment states you have the right to protest, move freely, express freely… period.  Right now government has made it illegal for hundreds of millions to move, work, or gather in public places.

The #SecondAmendment gives every American the right to protect oneself with a firearm.  All non-essential business in many states have been closed by mandate, this somehow included gun stores.  Furthermore in states where gun stores still operate, cuts to the operation hours of the ATF and FBI, led to many new Americans unable to exercise their God given right to purchase a firearm to protect one’s property, one’s family, and oneself.  Simply put, the government is so incompetent it cannot even provide a basic background check.  They just cart blanche closed access to gun stores under the threat of imprisonment and fines imposed on owners.  Thus, we are now limiting the second amendment at many levels.

The #FourthAmendment stops government from seizing information on your privacy – well that just got blown up – bye-bye confidential medical records and non-monitored travel.  Anyone want to bet this info ends up in the hands of the insurance companies?

The #FifthAmendment protects our “livelihood” and furthermore clearly states no deprivation of property without due process…. Well – you are about to see 30% unemployment and deprivation of property because – well, the government thought it would help…

Should I continue?

Believe me, Jefferson, Jay, Washington, Madison, etc. – knew pandemics, disease, and death are real threats.   They purposefully left out any rhetoric to suspend or cancel liberty… they knew the process of doing so was much more dangerous than the “pandemic”.

When given a choice between fear and courage, choose courage, fear only leads to panic, and panic leads to death.

Love you all (including the critics),

Steveradamus PSA1

P.S. For those who wish to make a smart @$$ comment on this post or praise the diminished Second Amendment, I simply say… Please do.  Please comment as you wish.  I will always support your ability to criticize openly and honestly (your use of free speech).  Furthermore, I pledge that I will use my second amendment right to protect your First Amendment right.  I swear, your rights to blast me are preserved as long as I have my breath and the Second Amendment.