4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

Best Beverages to fit your 12oz Slim Can Coolers

If you are looking for a 12oz slim can cooler, look no further! We specialize in full color logo and photograph prints to customize your 12 ounce cooler and keep your slim can cold. Beverage companies have always experimented with different can sizes, but it seems like slim cans are growing in popularity over the years. In the spirit of change and in order to keep current with the times, we have diversified our inventory to include both foam fabric coolers as well as neoprene coolers for your favorite slim can drinks. When it comes to slim cans, there are so many options to choose from. Keep reading to see a comprehensive list of slim can drinks that you can slip into your new custom 12 oz slim can coolies!

Wanna know which of your favorite beers come in a 12oz slim can?

Standard 12 oz cans are so boring. All you ladies know that slim can beers are a great way to kick off barbecue season, especially since it’s so easy to fill your cooler with slim cans. We have yet to see a complete list of all the beers that are sold in slim cans but we hope that our compilation will help you the next time you’re browsing through the Beer, Wine and Liquor store. 

These are the top three beers that you can get in a 12oz slim can size!

Michelob Ultra 12oz slim can
This is the classic 12oz slim can beverage. You can’t mention slim cans without talking about Mich Ultras!

Bud Light Lime
Does anyone else call these BLLs? If so, we might have been best friends in college. Corona Light

Corona Light
A classic beer in an awesome slim can. This is a great brand and a great beer.

There really aren’t that many beer companies that are selling 12oz slim beers. Most beer companies have options for customers that want to drink 8 ounces of beer, but only offer 12oz standard can sizes. I’m not sure what it is, but there is something really satisfying about drinking from a taller, slimmer drink. We wonder if more beer brands will start producing Light beer in 12oz slim cans, especially since these slim cans seem to be trending recently. Of course, the reason slim cans are so popular is because of the introduction of hard seltzers.

What are the top 5 Best Hard Seltzers for Your 12oz Slim Can Coolers?

Beer with friends is great, but sometimes you want a light, sparkling, alcoholic drink that isn’t going to make your stomach feel heavy for the rest of the night. Sure you can pop open a bottle of champagne, but high quality wine can get expensive and we all have suffered through enough champagne headaches to last a lifetime. The best option is clearly a nice cold hard seltzer: they taste amazing, especially on hot summer afternoons.

1) White Claw Hard Seltzer
With only 100 calories per serving and a 5% AVB, we can honestly say that this is our top favorite beverage of the summer.

2) Henry’s Hard Seltzer
If you are really watching your diet, Henry’s only has 88 calories and low 4.2% AVB, meaning this is truly a guilt free drink for your summer body.

3) Nauti Hard Seltzer
Nauti has really nice berry sweet flavors, each with 100 calories and 5% AVB.

4) Truly Hard Seltzer
Not only is the name of this brand hilarious, but their drinks are truly delicious and follow the trend of 100 calories and 5% AVB.

5)Bon & Viv Hard Seltzer
For counting calories this brand comes in second with only 90 calories per serving and 4.5% AVB.

Are you the designated driver? There are plenty of delicious non-alcoholic alternatives to the beverages listed above.

1) Redbull 12oz
They also offer 8oz cans as well!

2) Dry
This is a great soda company that has many great flavors, including Apple, Ginger Ale, and Cucumber.

3) Starbucks Refreshers
Did you know that Starbucks Refreshers come in 12oz slim cans? Super cute!

4) Celsius
We really like that Celsius offers both sparkling and non-sparkling versions of their flavored fitness water.

5) Coke
We don’t really know why anyone would choose a regular size can when you can get it in a slim can.

If you are planning to offer any of the beverages above at your next event, you should get slim can coolers to keep them nice and cold! While slim can coolers make you feel like your drink is much larger than it really is, one of the risks of the slimmer, taller design is the 12oz slim cans get warmer much more quickly than standard can coolers. In order to avoid gross flat beers, hard seltzers, and sodas, you can order neoprene 12oz slim can coolers AND fabric foam 12oz slim can coolers right here at coolienation.com! These coolers are 100% custom and can be printed with any logo, photo or design. Whether you are a beer girl or hard alcohol girl, we have a cooler that is perfect for you.

So what are the next steps?
It’s super easy, actually!
First: fill in the free proof form above and describe your perfect design. Make sure to be as specific as possible, it will help our designers know what colors to include, and what style you are looking for. For example: “I am looking for a slim can for a White Claw can for my wedding. I would like a pink cooler with white ink and an image of me and my fiance on one side. Can you please help me find a fun wedding saying for a beach ceremony?”
With those details we know exactly what kind of design you are looking for and our artists will create two options for you to take a look at. If you want us to include a specific image, just attach it to the form! Second: If you are looking for a quote, there are two things we need to know first, besides the fact that you are looking for a 12oz slim can cooler.
A) We need to know how many you are interested in. We have so many price breaks based on different quantities, and we have no minimum order, just let us know how many you are thinking of and we will get them to you!
B)We need to know when you need to receive them. As a family owned company that prints and ships in the United States we can overnight your coolers to you if necessary. We have even Ubered coolers to a customer who lived a town over from our factory. While we will guarantee all delivery dates, and for overnight and Saturday delivery we pass the shipping cost to you, the customer, so if you can manage to order in advance you will definitely be able to save money!
Finally: Once you receive your art and your quote, you can process for your order and we will print and ship it to you! A lot of companies charge for art proofs, but we do not! This means you can make as many edits as you like, and we never EVER print something you are not 100% happy with.

When it comes to slim cans, there are so many beverage options, but when it comes to slim can coolers there is really only one cooler option: CoolieNation. We know how to get you the perfect slim can 12oz customized cooler that will make your event an instant success and impress everyone with the quality of the product and the design. Request your free art proof today!


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