4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

Retirement KOOZIE® - Customized Retirement Coolies

Baby Boomers Love KOOZIE® & COOLIES

And so do we!

Where do the baby Boomers go when they retire and what do they do with their time? Well, coolienation.com has the answer to both these questions. THEY ORDER KOOZIE® & COOLIES OF COURSE from coolienation.com and no body else. Most baby boomers leave the US seeking a tropical paradise away from the struggles of every day life. They move their whole lives to a foreign country and then get bored from the beauty of the rising sun, unlimited free time and drinking Margarita by the sea shore.  Then as the finally decide they need to do something more and see a market for selling KOOZIE® & COOLIES to their fellow foreigners in the area.  Usually they customize the Coolie to remind foreign dwellers of their home country.

One Retirement Coolie Idea from a Client:

A few weeks ago a Canadian man called and had a plan to sell KOOZIE® & COOLIES to fellow Canadians living in Belize. The Coolie was to be a foam style with a Canadian Flag. At the top the Coolie was to say “CRAZEE” and then the Flag and under that “CANUCK”. he was going to sell them to local shops in the area and see how it went.

Second Retirement idea for custom KOOZIE® & COOLIES:

We have a customer that is a couple that had been married 50 years and that same year her husband was retiring from his job as an engineer at the local power plant. She had one side of the Coolie designed “Cheers to 50 years for preventing disaster” and on the other side – “Cheer to 50 years being with you”…It was a real cute idea to make a Coolie and take advantage of double side printing to have two messages. The customer of course called to thank us for all the hardwork and she said that her HUSBAND loved the idea and was so thankful to be loved so much by so many in his community and of course his wife!

Third idea for a good party Coolie when someone decides to stop working:

One side of the Coolie said, “best of luck to Stephen who decided to regain his freedom…” and on the other side of the Coolie it said “enjoy being broke… Happy Retirement life to our good friend, mentor, and father – Stephen”… It was a beautiful jester made by the family and of course a good joke to be made at his expense..


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