4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

Make Your Wedding Unique With A Banner

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a rough one. No matter who you ask I’m sure each one of us has been affected by either the Coronavirus or the social isolation caused by the pandemic. We have all been cooped up for far too long and most of us are itching to get back to normal. Well, one thing we can look forward to with returning to normalcy is going back to weddings. Since it’s been a year, a few things may be different. One new trend that you may notice popping are customized wedding banners.

23 Reasons To Say Yes To A Banner

With banners and flags the design options are endless and can be used for several different reasons. You can upload a picture of the couple, create a piece of artwork that fits the decor of the event or simply write a message on your personalized banner. If you’re struggling with coming up with an idea check out this blog by Brides.com. Not only do they give you 23 design styles they also give you 23 reasons one might need to hang a wedding flag.

Does The Flag Fly Or Hang?

Custom flags and banners fit into one of 2 camps, indoor or outdoor and we can print either one easily. The fabric we choose is dependent upon whether this is an outdoor flag or indoor banner. For the outdoor designs we print on a polyester fabric that stands up well to the elements but also lightweight enough to flow with the breeze. Our indoor banners we print on a thicker stretchy material that is heavier but looks great in a hall. The design prints well on both types of fabric it just comes down to whether your venue is in a church or on the beach.

Banners Don’t Break The Bank

Whenever people talk about weddings it is almost unavoidable to bring up cost since typically anything wedding related is very expensive. But that’s the beauty of personalized flags, they are not specifically made for weddings and are therefore affordable. Banners can be used for multiple uses so no need to buy one banner for one event. Once you print a flag, it can be used again and again.

Make Your Own Mark Literally

Another fun idea you could do is make the design background in white and have your guests sign the banner. These flags are made to stand the test of time, so this could be a great keepsake after the ceremony to remember all the people you may have missed while making the rounds. Since our banners are made from a polyester cloth they are extremely easy to store as well as display in nearly any environment. Check out this list for ideas and inspiration on how to hang your flag.

Folding It Together

So as you’re going over your checklist for all the dozens of things you have to do in order to make the wedding a success don’t skip over the flag. We know you’ve got a lot on your mind so don’t stress the design process either. Just fill out a free proof form and our designers will work with you to make your custom banner look gret!


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