Nautical Weddings and Custom KOOZIE(R) and Coolies -

Nautical Weddings and Custom KOOZIE(R) and Coolies

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20 Nautical Wedding Phrases

If open sea is your favorite place to be, a nautical wedding may be the perfect way to say your I-Dos! There’s something absolutely wonderful about nautical weddings! Must be the breeze, the sand, breathing fresh-salty sea air… ah! I love nautical weddings! Over the years, we’ve been able to create many marital KOOZIE® and coolies for this occasion and I thought I’d share with you our favorite Nautical Wedding Phrases.

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1. Time To Party Your Mermaid Tails Off!
2. Love Anchors The Soul
3. I found my fish!
4. If You Want To Know How Much I Love You, Count All The Waves In The Sea
5. Or In Low Tide, I’ll Be By Your Side

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6. Sandy Toes, Always Takes Away Your Woes
7. Two Less Fish In The Sea
8. Gonna Love You Until The Seas Run Dry
9. You Are My Anchor
10. Getting Nauti At [insert last name] Wedding

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11. Mightier Than The Waves Of The Sea Is This Love For You
12. Anchors Aweigh
13. We’re Hooked On Each Other
14. Got Very Ship Faced at [insert name] Wedding
15. By The Salty Sea, I pledge My Love To Thee!

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16. Let’s Get Ship Faced
17. No Matter How Vast The Sea, Sometimes Two Ships Are Destined To Meet
18. We Tied The Knot
19. A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor
20. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved Bayou

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