4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

Collapsible Neoprene 16oz Can Coolie

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Single ink color options (Ink Options Unlimited)
16 oz tall can koozie colors available

A Growler Sized Can

Did you know that the 16oz can is roughly the same size as your typical growlers? For those that want to preserve their 6-pack a few days by limiting your beer intake to one a day then you might as well make that one beer worth it. The standard cans just go by so quickly but a growler sized Bud will take even the most avid drinker some time to finish. They are also roughly the same size as a pint glass so again if you’re wanting a good return on your investment then the 16oz can is the way to go.

Wrap It Before You Tap It

Now that you’ve chosen to drink from the 16oz it becomes a question of whether to coolie it or not. We’re not here to judge, if you want to grip your ice cold can of beer and freeze your fingers while also warming up your Michelob then do what makes you happy. If however you want to drink comfortably with your friends then you should probably consider placing a custom KOOZIE® or COOLIE on your beer. Again you can always place a blank coolie on your beer but don’t you want something a little more personal? Perhaps a custom printed coolie?

Sew What’s the Difference?

When going the custom coolie route you first need to decide the type of material; either neoprene or fabric. While both are very similar, the neoprene KOOZIE® does everything just a little bit better. But there is one more difference. When the fabric coolies are sewn the seam is hidden whereas the thread on the neoprene can be seen. Basically, all that means is that your PBR will slip in easier. The thread also offers one more customizable option for the personalized coolie. Most people choose to have the thread color fade into the background but you could also choose to have your thread stand out as a complimentary color.

The Designs Are Unlimited

When thinking about your design, remember that we can print photographs, quotes and logos on any type of background you choose; solid color, tie/dye, checkerboard etc. We can print the same design on both sides of the coolie or print 2 completely different designs. The options are quite endless so don’t worry if your idea seems too big. We will NEVER print the KOOZIE® without your approval of the design. So feel free to request as many proofs as you want.

Printed In The USA Guarantee!

Every product we sew and press is done here in America using local workers. This allows us to offer rush shipping on most of our products as well as put money back into the economy. Before orders are shipped they are checked for quality control and verified that everything has been done correctly. If it doesn’t meet our standards we will work with you to find the best solution. We look forward to helping you make your design dreams into a reality.


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