Preserving A Species One Shirt At A Time -

Preserving A Species One Shirt At A Time

For years the Panamanian Golden Frog has been battling the chytrid fungus and unfortunately losing. Thankfully though the El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center or EVACC for short decided to step in and help. This is an important issue near and dear to our hearts. We, at CoolieNation, financially partnered with EVACC last year and were luckily able to donate over $2000 of masks and products. Check out our new “Rana Dorada” campaign and help us reach our new goal of $5000.

How It Works

You can now purchase this shirt, for a limited time, to help with EVACC’s efforts. On the back of the shirt is the Panamanian Golden Frog which has become a mascot for EVACC. Printed in a gold shimmer ink the frog is striking against the black cotton background of this shirt. Across the front, bold and proud, is the text “Rana Dorada Panama” (Golden Frog Panama) in that same subtly radiant gold shimmer ink.

Save What You Love

The foundation's owners, Heidi and Edgardo, love these endangered amphibians.  They are quick to show the benefit of preserving these uniquely special frogs. Golden Frogs are extremely beneficial to keeping the insect population down as well as providing insight for pharmaceutical developments. The world is a globe and we truly operate in a circle. If we let the Golden Frog species completely die out then we all feel the consequences, from the smallest to the largest amongst us.

One Lucky Frog

Since the pre-Colombian era, the Golden Frog has been seen as a symbol of luck. Since the frogs were seen as lucky, it wasn’t uncommon to find them in bars and hotels, potentially leading to their misfortune. By creating the exhibition center and the discovery center, Heidi and Edgardo have been educating the public as well as striving for financial stability in order to continue with the breeding and reintroduction of these imperiled amphibians.

Help Us Save A Species

Like most good things this sale doesn’t last forever, so don’t dawdle. In order to help keep this wonderful foundation working towards its goal all you have to do is purchase this unique shirt. How often do you get to help someone else in need while looking good doing it? Visit our store to get yours today!

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