4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

Custom Military KOOZIE® and Coolie Discount

What to Consider With Military KOOZIE® & Coolies

Here in North Carolina we are home to several different Military Bases; Seymore Johnson in Goldsboro, Fort Bragg in Fayetteville as well as Camp Lejune in Jacksonville to name a few. Having so many friends and family of members of the military has given us a fair amount of experience when it comes to designing and printing military KOOZIE® and coolies.

custom cans koozies with camo design in a row on the ground

KOOZIE® & Coolies make great gifts for your loved ones that are serving or have served in the past, whether they’re a Lance Corporal, Sergeant or Lieutenant General. Another perfect opportunity would be as party favors for your loved one’s homecoming or retirement.  But, where do you start? It may look complicated but if you know a few simple things then the process is a breeze. Here is a simple guide on what to know when ordering your next set of KOOZIE® & Coolies.

5 Things To Know When Ordering

The first thing you need to consider is size. At CoolieNation we offer a wide range of sizes from 12oz slim and regular all the way to 24oz cans. We can also create zipper and jersey coolies for your bottles. Depending on your function and what size works best for you we’ll be able to make it happen. Below you can see how the sizes compare to each other.

Next would be the material, this comes down to either fabric or neoprene. While fabric coolie are a simple choice and get the job done our neoprene ones last longer and offer a cleaner look. The designs stand out better on neoprene coolie and have a better texture. If you can’t spot the difference the easiest way to spot it is to look on the side of your coolie, neoprene ones have a visible stitch while fabric ones do not.

When it comes to picking a color scheme, most people go with camouflage. The question is; which type? From Digital to Flecktarn to Woodland and Brushstroke there’s several options. You can study our swatch below to see which pattern works best for you. If you don’t see your pattern on the swatch, we can add it and still print it for you.

If you’ve gone the camouflage route you may be wondering which color text works the best. The simple rule to follow would be the brighter the text, the more it stands out. If you go single ink the text is all one color which makes a bold statement or you could go with a texture for your lettering which may make it look a bit messy especially over a camo background.

With your text all squared away, you can create images to go on your KOOZIE® & Coolies as well. Some take the route of using a photograph, like one of your loved one. The other option would be to pick some symbols that best fit, like helicopters or flags. Either one works this one is more of a personal design choice.

That’s It, Mission Accomplished Using these steps, you now have everything you need to go forth and create the best damn KOOZIE® & Coolies for your Veteran! Don’t let all the jargon and options confuse you. We’ll work with you on every step. Don’t forget to mention its Military on your free proof form, to receive your discount!


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