4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

Top 5 Reasons You Need A Custom KOOZIE® or Coolie For Your Wine

I’m guessing the first thing you think of when you think about Coolies or KOOZIE® is beer. Were you aware that coolies can now be made to fit all types of containers from coffee cups to pints of ice cream? Wineware is certainly no exception and needs the protection just as much as your Budweiser. From going out for a tasting to just having a picnic, bottles of wine can fit nearly every type of party. Here are 5 reasons why you should fill out a free proof form to start working on a custom coolie for your wine.

#1. Wine Coolies Are Excellent Party Favors

For decades wine bottles have been given as gifts much to the delight of the connoisseurs of the world.The bottles can easily add up though and personalized wine coolies make a great change of pace. Coolies are easily customized to fit anyone’s style by adding a picture, saying or colorful pattern. While one would be hard-pressed to say no to a bottle of Ace of Spades Champagne I’m sure the collector in your group would appreciate something more personal

#2. Slip-On Bottles Offer UV Protection

Like most things in this world, sunlight can affect wine in a bad way. If you’d like to learn more about light strike and how it affects the taste, check out this article from Wine Folly. One such solution not listed in that article though is the wine bottle coolie. If you’ve ever felt a need to open a bottle of champagne while on a picnic then the slip-on bottle coolie is a no brainer. It not only blocks UV rays but it also creates a comfortable grip around the champagne bottle and cushions it from a fall

#3. KOOZIE® & COOLIES Are Perfect For Promoting

Wines and Italian restaurants seem to go hand in hand but they are definitely not the only ones who could benefit from a little business promotion. Breweries, grocery stores and even liquor stores could benefit from the wine bottle bag holder. Not only do they make excellent party favors but with an ergonomic handle and smart design this customized coolie makes it easy to travel with your favorite Cabernet. Why not take advantage and showcase your business to potentially thousands of people?

#4. Venues Need Customized Coolies

It doesn’t get much more classy than enjoying a nice beverage while celebrating a wedding in a picturesque setting. But when wearing a nice suit or dress the last thing you want is a red wine spill. Simply having a coolie for your wine glass will cut that potential for disaster in half. Not only does it form a nice grip around your stemmed glassware the personalized coolie also keeps your hand dry from the condensation. 

#5. Collapsible Fabric Easy For Travel

If you’re into wine then chances are you’re into the great vintner community as well. With wine there’s more to it than the taste, it’s the culture and feel of it knowing where it came from and who grew the grapes. If you’re looking to get out and explore the best wineries in the US check out this list by Thrillist and don’t forget to pack some extra customized wine coolies to bring with you. They are the perfect travel size.

Time To Wine Down

If you needed more of a Riesling to start designing your own wine coolie check out our list of other great personalized coolie products. Most everything on that page is available for rush shipping and 100% of our products are crafted with the customer in mind. Since we are a fairly small business customer satisfaction is our top priority, let us show you what we mean by filling out a free proof form today.


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