4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

A Coolie For Your Wine?

With the weather slowly getting warmer more and more parties and events will be held outside. But, where does that leave the wine lover in your group? Who wants to risk taking their stemware outside in the elements? Now you don’t have to choose between an outdoor setting or having your favorite bottle of wine. This year give the gift of a wine coolie to your fellow connoisseurs

The design is simple and fits very comfortably around your favorite glass. The glasses themselves are taller than a regular 12 oz can of beer and just a little wider than the slim cans. But the wine coolie offers the same advantage of keeping your hands dry and warm.

As with all our products, wine coolies are just as customizable. Got a favorite pattern or color scheme? No problem just let our designers know and we can print that easily into your coolie. Or are you more into the simple and elegant design? That is also fine, tell us the color you want and we’ll make it happen.

We use a neoprene fabric that fits comfortably in your hand and offers a slip resistance to the glass. Our design allows you to put your fingers on the underside of the glass and keep your hands dry and warm. The other benefit of this design is it allows you to show off your logo or graphic.

Whether you’ve got a business function or family event, we all like to commemorate the time spent together with a catchy saying or logo. Whatever slogan or picture you come up with we’ll be able to print it onto your KOOZIE® or coolie. If you have a picture you’d like to use instead, we can print that as well.

So next time you’re setting up an outdoor function don’t forget about your favorite wine lover. Head on over to our free proof design page and put together a wine coolie or KOOZIE® of your own making. Even if Mother Nature decides to throw a surprise snow at you, wine coolies still make great gifts for those wishing it was summer already.


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