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What’s a “take anywhere” style I can use for any occasion?

Look no further than the KOOZIEⓇ Handle Strap insulated beverage container for a product that not only has style and panache but is incredibly functional too! It’s unique strap is perfect for carrying anywhere, using anytime and never being very far from your cold beverage.

Can you tell me more about the fit?

The nylon handle has reinforced stitching at both the top and bottom of the product itself. This means lots of use over and over again with no stretch and no need to worry about the stress of an insecure handle unraveling in your hands. The KOOZIEⓇ Handle Strap insulated beverage container itself fits a standard 12oz can snug as a bug in a rug and is entirely collapsible when not in use; as if you needed any more convincing to start ordering this style!

What about the design? What are my possibilities here?

The KOOZIEⓇ Handle Strap insulated beverage container has a surface print area of approximately 3.1x3.1 inches. It is available for single ink printing with our high quality screen print process. Screen printing is a uniquely excellent process for all types of products. We feel 100% confident that this print process not only produces a crisp, lasting print result but also provides that charm of a tactile feel to the print itself. It certainly stands apart from other more basic print processes and can stand the test of time.

Now tell me more about colors and designing

This product is available in the ever popular dark neutral colors of both black and navy. Screen print colors range from basic white and greys to bright pinks, blues and purples. Looking for a specific color? Check out the ink chart below and let us know the perfect color for you! These make an excellent addition to any backyard celebration, event where you’ll be walking around or even a fire with friends in the backyard on a crisp fall evening. Not inspired yet? Ask us how to start designing your possible order and we’ll get you started on a free proof right away.  
Ink color chart

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