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Why would you order something with a carabiner?

I don’t know about you but something about seeing a product with a carabiner always makes me feel like hitting the great outdoors. Enter the KOOZIEⓇ Carabiner insulated beverage container, the one style that simply begs to be a part of each and every one of your outdoor adventures. Still not convinced? It’s collapsible, has a finished rim and a carabiner that can be clipped onto any backpack, belt loop or even inside your purse! Heading out in a rush? Clip your keys to the carabiner and you’ll be sure to find them everytime. Lose my keys? Always. Lose my drink? Never!

Can I print on both sides?

Your new favorite KOOZIEⓇ Carabiner beverage container can indeed be printed on both sides! The print area is an approximate three inch square and is available with single ink screen print. Not sure about screen print? It’s by far and away the most popular style we’ve got! Ink is durable, available in colors from neutrals to brights and has that super cool finish where you can actually feel the print on the surface.

What sort of colors are available?

We’re proud to be able to offer this style available for printing right away in a versatile medium grey and a nice bright royal blue. We’ve got you covered for both office functions and all things patriotic including a few sports teams too! Ink colors available are in our standard list of high quality single ink screen print. Typically we recommend very dark or very light colors on the grey and the royal blue color can handle most every ink color we have no problem (except royal blue of course!).

What’s your favorite way to use these?

This style makes its best impact in an outdoor setting and any event where you’ll really need to be hands free. The best part? If I want to take a drink for later, I’ll clip it right into my bag so I don’t need to go fishing around for where I left it last. It also makes it really easy to keep track of and of course you already know how great it is to clip to other things (phone, keys and wallet anyone?). Get started on a design and get to know why we know how awesome this product really is!  
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