Tips To A Great Memorial Day BBQ -

Tips To A Great Memorial Day BBQ

Here is a quick guide of the dos and don’ts of all Memorial Day BBQ Parties… Enjoy, and try clicking on the images to see our favorite Memorial Day Coolie design templates!

1. Create a good guest list.

Guys, all parties start with a solid guest list… Invite people who you genuinely enjoy spending time with… DO NOT invite people because you feel you have too… So your crazy Uncle Eddie (who laughs way too hard at his own jokes) and your next door neighbor Tom (who likes to drink too much and say inappropriate things to your wife)…. Leave them off the list!

2 burguer with american flag for a memorial day

2. Make a solid burger – but don’t do chips!
Guys, everyone loves the grill and admittedly a BBQ without a Burger is like a picnic without a sandwich]… but don’t be lame – go the extra mile. Avoid the chips and try to add in non-traditional foods – such as a watermelon, feta and basil salad, a plate of crunchy fresh cut vegetables with an assorted number of dips…
BONUS TIP: if you are going to do burgers please make sure you spend money on the quality meat, bread and charcoal… The biggest mistakes people make are buying cheap buns and cheap charcoal. A good way to ruin any burger is with cheap buns and cheap charcoal – so DO NOT skimp on $5.00 – spend it – your guests will thank you for it!

Friends smiling with memorial day custom koozies made in America

3. Take lots of photos and create a unique #hashtag.

Obviously Facebook, Instagram and social media are more popular than ever… People love images (especially of themselves) – so
a. Create a hashtag
b. Post it on the doorbell with instructions that read… “By entering this premise – you agree to the following… Take at least 5 photographs and upload them to your social media feeds with your personal party hashtag. One of the funniest hashtags we’ve ever seen printed on a memorial day Coolie, and it said “#WerkYourBunsOff”

4. Serve food throughout the day – not in one sit down meal. Sit down meals make people feel uncomfortable, they kill conversations, and frankly – people only do it for conformity reasons… So take a hint from my Brazilian wife – serve food throughout the day… have the grill constantly on and let people pick at food – not gorge themselves for 15 mins while trying to make conversation in an awkward manner…. Believe me – this will bring your party to a whole new level!

Beer cans  with ice around

5. Keep the beers cold – now that climate change and global warming are here – a beer (be it in a bottle or a can) gets warm in approximately 17 seconds from the moment it leaves the refrigerator or the cooler… The best way to keep beverages cold are with some custom Coolies. they are also a good way for people to remember the event – as they are both cheap and lasting party favors… Here you can request a free proof from our site –

Crashed beer can custom koozies

6. Greet people at the door – I know it sounds lame – but so many hosts I know forget to do this! DO NOT send someone to open the doors – greet them with a smile, a warm hug and let them know – we are about to have some fun (Also mention the hashtag and photos they should be taking)

7. DO NOT LET PEOPLE DRINK AND DRIVE – Every year people die, people get DUIs and people make mistakes on Memorial Day – DO NOT – I repeat – DO NOT let people leave your party and drive drunk – Drinking is all fun and games until someone gets in an accident – please take this point seriously! If publics transport isn’t an option, why not set up a car pool for guests who live close by!

8. Ask people to bring an item (best to be a beverage – because it is easy and saves you, the host, $$$)

9. Turn off the TV! Screens kill parties – it is a fact… Screens steal people’s attention from your awesome party and from making friends, sharing times, sharing stories – etc. Please guys – leave the screens off!

10. Smile – Hosts often forget this point. Hosts sometimes stress too much – once the party starts – sit back, relax and enjoy the event… People like being around relaxed people, as guests, they will look to you for a queue on how to behave… so reward them smile, cheers them, hug them and cherish the great party you put together!

Keep these tips in mind, and you are sure to have the best Memorial Day Party EVER!

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