4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

What You Need To Know When Planning A Bachelor Party

Whether you’ve gotten married, been in the bridal party or simply just been a guest at a friend’s wedding then I’m sure you can agree that it really is the bride’s special day. It’s not that it isn’t monumental for the groom as well; it’s just that he’s usually tasked only with showing up on time and saying the right thing when asked. Bachelor parties are a completely different story though. Over time the bachelor party has really become a rite of passage for most and there is no wrong way to celebrate, since it’s more of an expression of the groom. That being said it can be a little daunting if you’ve never planned one before so allow me to share some of my “wisdom” in that area.

Go Golfing

Even if you aren’t the most skilled with a club you can still have fun with a group golfing trip. There’s a lot of options for avid golfers as well as the amateurs. Top golf and 9 hole courses are fun and simple events that nearly anyone can join in on. Plus what could be better than being on the range toasting the groom to be. One way you could make it more official is with personalized golf towels. You can either make all the towels have the same inside joke printed or you could make it more customized with different designs for different guys. Also what a great sign of friendship to have your groomsmen wash your balls before the big day.

Hop Some Bars

Bar hopping is a classic for a reason, it fits nearly every type of person out there. Just pick a city and head downtown to get a taste of the nightlife. For some tips on the best cities to visit check out this list by Men’s Journal. If you’re into beer and drinks then it’s a no brainer to sample different brews. For the groomsman that just likes to travel then it’s perfect for him to get a taste of a different city’s culture. And for those who don’t like either of those things just think about all the blackmail, I mean memories, that will be made that night.

 If you’re worried about some of your party wandering off during the night just throw a customized hat on everyone. The louder you make your hat design the better, but that one is completely up to you. Custom trucker hats are a fantastic way of being on the same team while embracing everyone’s individuality. 

Grill It Up

Whether you call it a BBQ, Pig Pickin’ or simply a Cook-Out, coming together to grill meats is a love language to most southerners. The type of meat and the way you cook doesn’t really matter; it’s more about getting people together and enjoying each others’ company. Of course, nothing pairs better with a cook-out than a nice cold beer and nothing pairs better with a nice cold beer than a warm neoprene KOOZIE®. No matter what your can of choice might be there is a custom coolie for you. All that’s left to decide is how to design the coolie. And that’s the fun part, since a lot of people have gone this route before there’s a ton of good designs out there that you could use.

Get Your Game On

Of course you don’t have to actually do anything. Staying in for drinks and a game night may not be for everyone but for the introverts out there it’s the perfect night. No suffering through awkward interactions with drunk idiots because these drunk idiots are the ones you know. There’s nothing wrong with a little competition either, just be sure to not absolutely crush the best man, he holds a fair amount of power on the big day.

If this seems like more your speed why not commemorate the occasion with unique t-shirt designs? Personalized shirts are great for memories and sharing inside jokes. You can also make one shirt to recognize the victor of the night or loser depending on how you feel.

Wrapping It Up Now you may be asking yourself, was this just one cleverly designed sales pitch or was it actually tips for planning a good bachelor party? To which I would answer yes. But just because it’s a pitch doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Check out what we offer and decide for yourself. If you like the idea of creating something custom-made but have no idea where to start then let us work with you by filling out a free proof. Still not sure about it, no problem, hopefully this blog can still help you narrow down your plans for a bachelor party. Whatever route you choose, just have fun with it and everything else will fall into place.


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