4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

A Graduation Party to Remember

Graduation parties commemorate a monumental time; it is the celebration of all your hard work paying off and materializing in the form of a High School Diploma, PHD AssociatesBachelors or Masters Degree. Whatever it is, you’ve earned a heck of a party with all your favorite people. Here are a few simple ways in which you can customize things a bit.

Blank KOOZIE® For Your Teacher

We all know those teachers who made or broke our high school experiences. They either made class fun or an utter mess, and they were the ones that graded us (aka decided whether we got money or grounded when progress reports came around). Therefore, we deserve a few hours to either honor them or get our anger out! Order some blank coolies and get some markers to decorate how you choose. See which teachers get honored and which ones are thrown under the bus, pardon the pun.

Inspirational Coolies For High School Graduates The other route you can go is instead of thinking about where you came from, you can look to the future. Graduating high school or college is a huge moment in everyone’s lives. Some people know where they’re headed; maybe it’s grad school or maybe it’s a gap year. If you’re unsure of what the future holds and would like a guide, check out these brilliant tips put together by Cashay. In whatever phase of life you find yourself, inspirational phrases are a great way to put a positive spin on this uncertain time.
  • The Tassel Was Worth the Hassle
  • Kiss High School Adios
  • And So The Adventure Begins
  • Educated AF
There are so many more options out there for quotes whether you want something more classic or modern. Either way you go the choices are endless.

Greek Themed Shirts For Graduations

Did you take part in greek life? Why not throw one more party to celebrate your brothers or sisters by customizing your shirt to represent your fraternity/sorority. Creating custom fraternity and sorority KOOZIE® is a great way to show your support but with personalized shirts you can literally wear your greek organization for all to see. You can either order them RUSH or standard if you like to procrastinate.

Keep Your Coolies As A Keepsake

They say you meet the people you’ll be friends with the rest of your life in college. These are the people you’ve hand-picked and lasted years living with or near them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they’ll continue to live in close proximity to you post-graduation. Maybe they’ll travel the world, move to a different state, or move back closer to home. Why not get all your friends to sign your KOOZIE®? Get some Blank Coolies with the class year on it, then all you need are some fabric markers and your friends will never be forgotten.

Create Other Custom Apparel Coolies are great for several reasons, as I’ve mentioned you can use them for many different options besides just keeping your beer cold but they are not the only things you can custom print. Sometimes depending on the type of party it is, a KOOZIE® may not be the best option. If you wanted to hit the course and go golfing, you could easily make personalized golf towels. Let’s say you just want to go on a pub crawl or hit downtown one last time for drinks, then custom hats would work great. Finally if you were to throw a dinner party and go for a more refined look you could decorate the room with a specially made banner.

Celebrate In Style

However you choose to honor the graduate in your family, be sure to make it unique. We all have our own styles and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that; it’s part of what makes this place awesome. Once you leave school it can be hard to remain you so be sure to not waste this opportunity to showcase what makes you who you are and party to the fullest. Be sure to fill out a free proof form and start working on your design!


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