4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

8 Things You Need to Know about Tall Slim Cans.

Keep on reading to discover answers to the most popular questions we have received about tall slim cans, and maybe discover something you didn’t know before!

1. Do tall slim cans have the same amount of liquid as standard cans? What are the dimensions? How do they compare?

A 12oz can holds about 355 milliliters of liquid. Even though your 12 ounce slim can beverage be tall and slim, it holds the same amount of liquid as a standard can. A tall slim can is generally 6.125 inches tall and 2.25 inches while a standard can is generally 4.83 inches tall and 2.6 inches in diameter.

2. What brands started using the Tall Slim can first? When was the tall slim can cooler invented?

The first well known brand to start using tall slim cans was Red Bull. Their energy drink was launched in 1987 and they have been killin the tall slim can game ever since. The first slim can cooler was invented around the same time Michelob Ultra slim cans started to become popular in 2007.

3. Why has the tall slim can become a craze?

Tall slim cans have become so popular because they stand out. A tall can is more likely to catch someone’s eye, especially if it is sitting next to a standard can. Another reason is a lot of the slim cans are for low calorie beverages. Even though these cans hold the same amount of fluid, you feel slimmer and better when you drink out of a tall slim can than when you drink out of a normal can. Once Redbull and Michelob Ultra became popular, other brands started to follow suite. Now there are so many companies that are copying this trend. For example, many of the new hard seltzers brands like White Claw, Naui and Truly Hard sell their refreshing alcoholic drinks in tall slim cans.

4. How long has coolienation.com been offering KOOZIE(R) and Coolies specific for tall slim can.

Here at coolienation we had a hunch that tall slim cans would become extremely popular. That’s why we have been offering coolers for 12oz slim cans for as long as they have existed. We are the pros when it comes to designs for these awesome cans. In over 10 years of producing and manufacturing custom coolers, we have printed thousands of tall slim can designs for weddings, baby showers, product launches, bachelorette parties, graduation parties, and any other type of event you can imagine. We are the number one tall can cooler printer in the industry and we are proud of it.

5. What events are the most common to generally serve tall slim cans?

In the past, the most popular event to serve beverages in tall slim cans was bachelorette parties and baby showers. Now that hard seltzers like White Claw and Nauti have become all the rage, this is even more true. When the girls get together to have a fun time together, you know they will want custom coolers to keep their delicious drinks nice and cold. If you are planning any time of girl power get-together you have to include tall slim can coolers.

6. What are my print options for tall slim cans?

The main way to print tall slim can coolers is with heat sublimation. This printing method uses a special type of heat transfer paper to press the design onto the fabric of an unsewn cooler. Once the design has been transferred, we then sew up the sides. This print method is perfect for both foam fabric material and high quality neoprene tall slim cans. When you print with heat sublimation, you can get fine details, so it is perfect for printing photographs, multi-color logos, epic graphic designs, and other full color designs.

7. Do people at coolienation.com like to drink out of tall slim cans?

The owners of the company absolutely love tall slim can beverages. Jen loves White Claw and other hard seltzers, and her husband is a Michelob Ultra man. We would never promote a product that we don’t believe in, and that’s how you know the quality is good, and the product is worthwhile.

8. Do you think they will ever make fat cans?

They do make fat cans in many countries in Asia and Europe. However, in the States we haven’t really caught on. However as soon as a fat can beverage becomes popular in the USA, you know that coolienation will be the first to manufacture custom coolers for them. You can count on it! Whether you are planning a BBQ and sharing Michelob Ultra with your friends, planning an all night rager and need a ton of Redbull, or going on a girl’s trip and want custom party favors that compliment your White Claw hard seltzers, here at Coolie Nation, we believe that our customized tall slim coolers are perfect for you. If you have any more questions about tall slim cans, please let us know! We would love to help answer them for you. See more about your favorite 12oz slim can beverages here: https://www.coolienation.com/best-beverages-to-fit-your-12oz-slim-can-coolers/


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