4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

Funny Video - Importance of KOOZIE®

Don’t Forget to Request your Free Proof Mention Discount Code VIDEO05 and Get 5% OFF your order Having a crappy day? Check out the first KOOZIE® & COOLIES video! Not only is this an extremely funny video, it’s fun for the whole family. It’s important not to take life too seriously. Will watching it change your life? Unlikely. But will you laugh a little? Hopefully. We all know laughter increases your life by 5 seconds. Don’t quote us on this, just trust us. It’s science. In all honestly, we really hope this video would go viral. And who knows, maybe it has what it takes to become a global sensation. But even if it doesn’t get more than 100 views, we had fun making this hilarious video. If you did like it, and think you know someone else who’d like it, too, then share it with them! Thanks for watching!!


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