4,500+ five star reviews

4,500+ five star reviews

Custom 50th Birthday Coolies and KOOZIE®

50th Birthday Party

Cheers to beers and to 50 years! If you are throwing a 50th birthday party bash and are looking for an awesome party favor, you are in the right place! Pass the beers around and turn the volume up because turning fifty is one of the biggest milestones in life! When it comes to throwing the best birthday, we know how to celebrate in style. We promise that 50th birthday coolies will fit every party theme, and that’s our Coolie Nation guarantee.

How can we be so certain that your guests will love custom birthday coolies?

First of all, the ability to customize the coolers with whatever color combination you want gives you the ability to match the party favors with your party decorations. If you are a type A personality then this is perfect for you, because you don’t have to run around looking for party favors that match your balloon arch, you can just request the colors you like and we can create a perfect design using your colors on a custom coolie. Second of all, we have a state of the art design studio and amazing artists that are experts at creating custom art based on customer descriptions. If you are not sure what you are looking for, we can help you out by creating a custom design based on ideas that you have, or descriptions of what the birthday boy or girl would like. This is a great option because we offer unlimited edits, so if you don’t like the first design that we create for you, we can try again as many times as you like until we get it right! We would never let your 50th birthday party custom coolies be anything but awesome.

Finally If you are a creative person and already have your own 50th birthday design that you want to use, we can do that, too! We have seen some incredible creative and beautiful designs created by customers that we have printed on coolies, and they have turned out to be wonderful additions to the party. We can usually print your design exactly, but occasionally we will change elements slightly to ensure that it prints perfectly. Of course, the golden rule still applies, and we never print a design we don’t think will print properly, and we never print something that you don’t approve of.

What are 50th birthday themes?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the party hasn’t even started yet! Maybe you are just here browsing for ideas, and need some inspiration to plan the perfect 50th birthday party. No worries! Since we can customise the coolies to have any design, we can fit them to any party theme, and we have over two decades in the business, so we are very experienced in 50th birthday party themes and ideas! One of the most popular 50th birthday designs is “Cheers to Beers and 50 Years” which goes with basically every theme. Everyone likes the rhyme, and we do, too. However, sometimes, especially with 50th birthday parties, you want something special. It is half a century, after all. This is the type of benchmark you celebrate with a super special something. Here are some of our favorite 50th birthday themes that can help you get planning.

50th birthday theme one: Crawfish Boil 50th Birthday Party Bash

A crawfish boil is a great party for people of all ages, and we have seen our fair number of crawfish boil birthday parties. If the guest of honor was born during crawfish boil season and you live in crawfish country, you’ve already been thinking about this party ever since the guest of honor turned 49. This is a really great party idea that all revolves around a delicious crawfish boil recipe. While we can’t compete with your grandma’s tried and true recipe, we have a bunch of party suggestions that can pull your party together. For example, have you thought of using paper lanterns to decorate outside? It’s a nice way to gently light a 50th birthday party, you know. When it comes time to add the party favors, we have a whole bunch of cute “Eat Crawfish, Drink Beer and Celebrate 50 Years” coolie designs that will knock your socks off.

50th birthday theme two: Tailgate 50th Birthday Party

A tailgate birthday party might not always fall on the exact day that the guest of honor was born, but if the 50 year-old-to-be’s favorite team is playing around the time of his or her birthday, this might be the perfect party idea. Not only does it involve getting to see the big game, it also means spending time drinking and cracking jokes with a large group of family and friends. This is a wonderful way to make the guest of honor feel special and loved on, or around, their birthday. Even if you don’t support the same team, football has a way of bringing people together. One of our favorite suggestions for tailgate birthday parties is to get balloons. This way everyone at the tailgate knows it’s not your run of the mill tailgate, but a real birthday party and something truly special to celebrate. For tailgate parties, we suggest that you take a look at our jersey coolies! They are in the shape of football jerseys and you can print as many colors on them as you like, even customize them after the birthday guest’s favorite team!

50th birthday theme three: Beer/ Wine Tasting 50th Birthday Party

A really great birthday party idea for a 50th birthday celebration is a beer or wine tasting event. Even though they might have half a century worth of experience, it’s impossible to have tried every single flavor of beer or wine, especially since craft beer companies create hundreds of new flavors every year. Why not give the birthday party an experience they can remember forever, and maybe introduce them to a new favorite brew? Sometimes the best gift is the gift of a good time. If it is a wine party, we suggest making the theme extremely classy and giving the guests and excuse to wear their fancy or nicer clothes. For beer parties, it can be fun to have a throwback theme: dress according to the fashion during the time the birthday guest was growing up! If you are customizing a cooler for a 50th birthday beer/ wine tasting event, we have some super cute designs for you: such as “Fifty is the Ultimate F Word” and “It took me 50 years to look this good”.

Don’t take 50 years to decide on custom coolies!

You can get started on your party favors RIGHT NOW! Request an art proof using the form above and get a free design proof with no obligation to purchase within 24 hours. If your party is THIS WEEKEND no worries! Just tell us the date you need to receive them and we will make sure we expedite your art so that you can make a decision regarding the 50th birthday party favors today. We print and ship in the US (North Carolina) so there is no problem to get you your coolies delivered in time. What are you waiting for?


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