Custom Baby Shower KOOZIE® and Coolies - 100% Personalized -
Custom Baby Shower KOOZIE® and Coolies - 100% Personalized
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Are you getting baby shower KOOZIE® & COOLIES for your upcoming baby shower? You know there’s nothing more sublime and transcendent than having a new baby in your lives.

You just can’t wait to see her little round face and take her in your arms; it’s certainly a gift from above and such blessing must be celebrated with the ones you love. Plan a lovely and fun baby shower bash and share with family and friends the joy in your hearts. Yes, custom KOOZIE® & COOLIES are the baby shower favors that all new parents want at their bash. Try our custom baby shower coosies and make her welcome party even brighter. Custom KOOZIE® & COOLIES are irresistible decorative items that catch everyone’s attention and your guests are gifted with useful personalized baby shower koosies that keep their drinks at the right temperature for longer. Hold your beers in the comfort of a soft coolie and toast to your precious baby in style! At you will find beautiful personalized baby shower coozies instead. Do you have your own coosie design?

Excellent! Send us your drafts and describe your coozies in detail, so that our artwork team can bring them to life. Are glass bottle coolies what you need? Good, we have a custom KOOZIE® & COOLIES for every container and all of them are available in the best insulating materials in the market, like neoprene, flexi fabric, zipper fabric or hard foam (for beer can coozies). Do you have any doubts? Feel free to chat with us live to get the professional custom baby shower cooler assistance that you need. Are you worried for time? Rush KOOZIE® & COOLIES orders are not a big deal to us, so take a deep breath and eave it on our hands.

Upload any type of file, image, logo, photo, etc and one of our designers will incorporate it into your design proof!

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