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101 Other Uses For Your Custom KOOZIE®

Now we all know the main reason one would want to use a coolie and that’s to keep your beverage cold.  While that is still the primary purpose behind the personalized coolie there are literally 101 other uses. If you’re like me then someone misusing the word literally when they mean figuratively is very annoying. But that is not the case here I really mean there are LITERALLY 101 other uses for your coolie. Check out this near comprehensive list we have compiled over the years working with custom made KOOZIE and COOLIES®.

The List

  1. Wall mount for your phone
  2. Chair leg cushion
  3. Seashell receptacle
  4. Bottle cap container
  5. Sewable pockets for dress
  6. Use as a cup
  7. A tiny art canvas
  8. Disguise your soda as beer
  9. Get someone’s attention
  10. Advertise your business
  1. Wall decoration
  2. Christmas tree decoration
  3. Collect them
  4. Collapsible flower vase
  5. Protect your condom
  1. Hold the soap
  2. A tiny hat
  3. Pencil pouch
  4. Store makeup brushes
  5. Jewelry container
  6. Container for your candy
  7. Tiny pet pillow
  8. Corner cushion
  9. Place for your receipts
  10. Headphone housing
  1. Shaving cream holder
  2. Camera lens container
  3. Rolls of film case
  4. External hard drive holder
  5. Speaker stand
  6. Wipe off your CD
  7. Use as sponge
  8. Wipe off dry erase marker
  9. Hold your glasses
  10. Store your scrunchies
  1. Makeshift handkerchief
  2. Bicycle chain protector
  3. Protect fragile items
  4. Typing glove
  5. Inhaler carrier
  6. Collect your trash
  7. Faucet protector
  8. As a bracelet
  9. Egg container
  10. Hot mug holder
  1. Shoe insulator
  2. Tea bag holder
  3. Knife sheath
  4. Coin purse
  5. Jar opener
  1. Makeup remover
  2. Sweat armband
  3. Gift-card holder
  4. Avocado/tomato ripener
  5. Fruit/veg container
  1. Pot holder
  2. Tampon case
  3. Gear shift cushion
  4. Bubble wrap replacement
  5. Polaroid picture holder
  6. Retainer receptacle
  7. Silverware container
  8. Rubber band organizer
  9. Tooth fairy pouch
  10. Perfume bottle protector
  1. Padding for bra
  2. Paintbrush container
  3. Car cup holder
  4. Hamster pouch
  5. Socks for dogs and cats
  6. Pin cushion
  7. Door stop
  8. Play prop
  9. Toothbrush holder
  10. Toe protector
  11. Camera rest
  12. Halloween costume
  13. Sand bucket mold
  14. Mold for a clay mug
  15. Wine cork container
  1. Collapsible necklace
  2. Remote organizer
  3. Grip for weightlifting
  4. Wedding ring pouch
  5. Bird feeder
  1. Hold little toys
  2. Light bulb cover
  3. Hand puppet
  4. Bookmark
  5. Keychain pouch
  6. Snack carrier
  7. Gum pouch
  8. Medication container
  9. Charger organization
  10. Hand warmer for snowball fight
  1. Cake topper stand
  2. Pet treat container
  3. Furniture pads
  4. Cheat sheet
  5. Ping pong ball pouch
  6. Sunscreen holder

Breaking It Down

As you can see there are dozens of other uses for custom and blank coolies besides keeping your beverage cold. We’ve been working with KOOZIE® and COOLIES so much so that when a need arises our first instinct is to see if a KOOZIE® and COOLIE can fix it. And nine times out of ten it does. And if you want to use it in a classic way and keep your beer cold we got that too! Just fill out a free proof form.

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