Tips you may find useful during this anxious time -
Tips you may find useful during this anxious time

When the COVID-19 virus struck it affected all walks of life, some more than others. One area in particular is the events industry. Everyone from florists, photographers, bartenders and especially the clients are suffering at the moment. If you’d planned a wedding, reunion or party during this epidemic you may be wondering what to do now. In an effort to help, I’ve compiled a list of tips you may find useful during this anxious time.

1. Take a Deep Breath

I understand the fear and panic you might be feeling right now. It seems like no one really knows what’s going on or how long it may last and there are tons of people out there spreading misinformation seemingly just to create more anxiety. Before you go out and buy 3 tons of toilet paper, just remember it will end. I have no idea when that final day will come but rest assured it will arrive. It’s stressful at the moment trust me I get it, but if the society as a whole just takes a minute and a breath then maybe we can find ways to work together and get through this thing.

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2. Take It Step By Step

If you’re concerned about an event you were planning and whether it should still happen, first I’d recommend calling your venue. Some venues are offering a digital option during the social distance, you may be asked to reschedule or you might need a refund. You won’t know unless you call. If the venue feels that your date is still safe then just continue with your plans. The important thing is to take this step-by-step. Look at the facts of the situation and act accordingly.

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3. Talk To Your Guests

Let your guests know what’s going on, they’re probably just as curious as you. They would definitely need to know if your event is rescheduled. If you happen to go with a virtual wedding for example, you’ll have to get that login information out to your guests as well. But more than just giving out information, I’m sure your guests would appreciate being in the know. Even if it’s bad news, they will appreciate being updated.

 4. Talk To Your Vendors

While vendors are not the same as guests they also would appreciate being updated on your event. They may have to change your order based on what your event becomes. If your event shrinks in size, they will probably still be able to accommodate you. Again, they would greatly appreciate being in the know and given the chance to update their services.

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5. Enjoy Your Event

This time is a bit stressful for everyone and we can sometimes forget to enjoy ourselves. But whatever your event becomes, remember to enjoy it. Remember the reason you begun the plans and also your friends and family that are able to make it. I think we’re all looking forward to getting back out there and celebrating with everyone.

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