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Round Coolie
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Round Coolie

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Pi Aren’t Square Pie Are Round

Did you know that Coolies come in more than one shape? I’m not knocking the standard KOOZIE® style; it's a classic for a reason, simple yet effective. But for those who like to shake things up a little we’ve got the Round Coolie. This style still covers standard 12oz cans and works perfectly for globe or ball designs if you really want to add that realism. You could also use those indentions on the side for some handy cropping if you wanted to print a photo Coolie.

How It All Works

To get in contact with our awesome design team just fill out the free proof form and someone will be in contact. They will work with you on the design, but there’s no rush to approve it before you think it’s ready. We don’t charge extra for more proofs because we want you to like your KOOZIE® and the design is a huge part. So feel free to request extra proofs until the design looks just right.

Coolies Make The World Go Round

Like our other styles the Round Coolie is collapsible and is made from a foam material so that it keeps your Bud Lite cool during the party while your hand stays warm and dry. Because it is our opinion at CoolieNation that everyone needs time to unwind and relax with friends and family. Of course KOOZIE® products don’t really make the world go round, it's the people that use those products. But who doesn’t feel a little more relaxed with their favorite beverage in hand? 

The Designs Are Unlimited

The designs are created digitally for Round Coolies and can be just about anything. Once printed the designs are then imprinted onto unsewn KOOZIE® using a heat press. You also are able to choose the background for your design, it can be any single color, combination of colors or something more fun like tie\dye and camouflage. The designs can be either two different images on each side or the same image.

Customer Satisfaction

Every KOOZIE® we sew and press is done here in America using local workers. This allows us to offer rush shipping on most of our coolies as well as put money back into the economy. As I said it is our top priority that our customers enjoy their order so before orders are shipped we check them carefully for any flaws. Any issues found are remedied quickly so your in-hand date remains the same.