How to Promote Your Business with Tees and Swag -

How to Promote Your Business with Tees and Swag

It doesn't matter how great your company or product is if no one has ever heard of it. Promotion, exposure, and marketing are just as important to a business as any product development.

The truth is that there are a million and one ways to promote your business. From blog articles to online ads to in-person networking, exposing your brand to new potential customers is the key.

One creative way to promote your business is with custom swag and tees. Swag can be anything - as long as it increases brand recognition and helps drive sales or market penetration.

Popular swag promotional products for small business marketing include - t-shirts and long sleeve shirts, tank tops, hoodies, socks, headbands, hats, beanies, banners, golf towels, flags, coasters, mouse pads, tote bags, etc.

As you can see, if you can slap your logo or contact information on something, you can turn it into swag. Coolie Nation offers lots of custom tees and apparel products for your business.

But, swag for swag’s sake is not the point. The goal is to promote your business. With that in mind, here is how and where you can use your new custom company swag.

Swag for Events

Businesses customize KOOZIE® and Coolies bulk purchases most often for company events. Events are a great place for swag - whether an event is being held by your company or it is a larger conference where your company is represented.

People love free things and if you have some cool swag, people are going to grab it. For every piece of swag handed out at an event, you are leaving a mark that could lead to a new customer. From t-shirts to pens, when people use your swag, even years after the event, they will be remembering your company.

Selling Swag

If your swag is good enough, you can even sell it! From funny sayings to cool designs, swag doesn't just have to be boring business card type promotional material.

Online influencers have become pros at turning swag into not only a promotional product but also a product that directly makes them money. Other businesses like bars and restaurants customize KOOZIE® and Coolies bulk designs to sell to their loyal customers and fans.

Your company could probably do the same. It just takes some creative thinking and artistic design. Don’t have any artistic talent? Not a problem! The COOLIE Nation design team can help turn your idea into an attention grabbing piece of top quality swag.

Swag Gifts

People love free things (i.e. the popularity of swag) but what they love even more are gifts.

Swag can be the perfect option for when you need a gift for company employees, partners, or even customers. Swag is a way to say thank you while also reminding the gift recipient about your company.

Order Some Company Swag Now!

Ready to get some custom company swag for your business or events? COOLIE Nation is your one-stop swag shop.

We offer a huge range of swag options - from apparel to tote bags to coolies. We can help you not only pick out the right swag but also design the best eye-catching piece for your business promotional needs.

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