Hard Foam Koozies

Color Shown: Dark Teal

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Why we love this style

The traditional koozie that has been around since the 1980's, also can be used as a pen holder on your desk :).

Our favorite details

  • TRADITIONAL: Original koozies
  • 3/8 INCH FOAM: stands alone
  • PRINT: print 360 degrees around
  • FULL RANGE OF COLORS: print a number of colors
  • LONG LASTING: Will last 50+years

The traditional koozie - we all know and love - Hard Foam Koozie

Are you in search for the perfect party favor, event giveaways, save the dates, reunions, or simply looking for fun ways to display your logo?

You have come to the right place! Here at Coolienation.com we’ve got you covered! Our koozies are the perfect promotional events, and party favors!

Whether you are looking for collapsible koozies, or bottle koozies, we have koozies for all! Some call the Hard Foam Koozie the king of the koozie world. Hard foam koozies have been around for a while, they were born in the 70s… so imagine! Hard Foam Koozies have seen it all! If we trace back to the history of koozies, the hard foam coozies were the very first custom koozies to revolutionize the beer world. Our hard foam koozy is the best way to keep your drink cold and your hands at room temperature.

Our Hard Foam Koozies are made for both, bottles and cans, these are inexpensive and useful for every beer lover out there. With its unique ability to stand on its own, the hard foam koozies are perfect for outdoor events.

Our Hard Foam customized koozies feature the following:

  • Non-collapsable
  • Tight fit for all standard cans
  • extra thick hard foam
  • Guarantees to keep your hands very dry, indeed

Our koozies are guaranteed to keep your drink cold the whole evening. Personalize yours with your favorite designs - our koozies are inexpensive and a useful gift for everyone to appreciate.

Have a design in mind?
Use our art studio and unleash the Picasso in you!

Don’t know what you want?
Not a problem!

We speak birthdays, weddings, promotional events… we’ve got you! Our custom designs are 100% personalizable. Whether you are a zipper Bottle Koozie kinda gal, or a can koozie type of person, we have koozies for all! The uses of our custom beer koozies are interminable! Everyone loves this wonderful party favor! Our hard foam coozies are available in almost any color imaginable.

Got something in mind? Check out our art studio and begin designing your party koozie!
Don’t know what you want? Let the experts know! We’d love to help you craft the perfect koozies for your upcoming celebration.

Need your koozies for tomorrow? We can have your koozies delivered to you by the very next day! No minimum orders. Excellent customer service. Proud to be 100% American-made.