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What to Consider When Planning a Fall Wedding

Oh autumn! The season of coolie sweaters, pumpkin lattes, fresh crisp days, and beautiful fall leaves. You could easily argue that fall is the perfect season for love, romance, and weddings. Still warm enough for an outdoor wedding but cool enough to keep your guests comfortable throughout the vows.

If you are planning a fall wedding, you are in luck. It is a great time of year for weddings and since you are missing the peak of spring/summer wedding season, in many cases you will have better prices and options when it comes to venues and vendors.

That being said, planning a fall wedding comes with its own set of things to consider. 

Over the years, the Coolie Nation team has helped many brides and wedding planners with their fall wedding KOOZIE® and Coolies favors. We have seen enough to know that fall weddings - while beautiful and picturesque - take some extra planning. Here are our tips and advice on what to consider as you plan your fall wedding.

3 Tips for an Autumn Wedding Celebration

Plan for the Changing Season

An outdoor summer wedding sounds great until your guests are sweating through their shirts and suffering heatstroke. A winter wedding can look magical unless a winter storm leaves guests stranded and snowed in.

Fall weddings, on the other hand, embrace the balance of the changing season with mild temperatures and lovely crisp autumn days. Or at least in theory…

While it is true that fall weddings on average have much milder weather, fall can also be a bit unpredictable. You might get lucky with a fresh, crisp day or you might end up with one of the season’s unseasonably warm or cold days. It’s really hard to know for sure what fall might serve up.

The best option is to just plan for anything.

Choose a dress that could be warmed up with a classy wrap or cape.

Consider adding blankets or throws to the ceremony area for guests who might want to throw something across their lap in case of cooler temperatures.

Keep drinks stable - not too hot, not too cold - with custom neoprene wedding tall slim coolies or wine coolies. We also offer mason jar coolies which are especially trendy for fall weddings.

Embrace Everything Fall Has to Offer

Fall weddings can save you a lot of money if you approach the season right.

Venues that might be booked out years in advance for a summer wedding often have openings or even discounts in fall. Look for venues that capitalize on the changing fall leaves with sweeping views of the trees. Venues with beer hugger fireplaces or rustic decor also work great for fall.

Speaking of changing leaves, save yourself some money by incorporating nature’s gift into your decor. Fall leaves can make excellent table decor or can even be added into a bridal bouquet to add a bit of autumn color.

Fall is also the harvest season. A farm fresh seasonal menu at this time of year will taste better than anything you could imagine without the marked up price of out-of-season ingredients. Fall-friendly menus include hearty soups, fresh veggies, rich meats, and of course everyone's favorites - fresh apples and pumpkin spice.

Think Outside the Box

Fall weddings - sitting outside wedding high season - allow for a bit more creativity and fun. Wedding guests, by autumn time, have likely been to more than one wedding that year and seen more than one cookie-cutter event.

Give your guests a memorable experience by thinking outside the box and embracing what fall has to offer.

Why not add apple picking to your cocktail hour? Or what about a late night bonfire with smores, the groom’s favorite beer, and funny wedding can coolers?

Love Halloween? Go for a spookie wedding theme. We have printed some really creative custom wine bottle coolies for weddings like “Til Death Do Us Part” or "Wedding Kisses and Halloween Wishes." It really is a season for weddings with a bit of fun and flare.

If food is more your focus, consider a Thanksgiving wedding. Many people will be more easily able to get this time off work. While you might lose some guests due to their own Thanksgiving commitments, Thanksgiving weddings can also be a great way to symbolize the coming together of two families.

Personalized KOOZIE® and Coolies for Your Fall Wedding

Sold on a fall wedding? Welcome to the club! It really is one of the best seasons for a wedding.

Whether you are just starting your planning or getting close to your wedding day, the team at COOLIE NATION would love to help make your day extra special.

We offer wedding can coolies design options that can be customized with whatever you’d like. From funny fall phrases to your wedding date and name, the Custom KOOZIE® and Coolies are all individually designed by our expert design team.

And we go far beyond just standard can coolies. Design custom coolies for your tall slim cans, wine bottles, wine glasses, solo cups, mason jars, etc.

We also understand how important your big day is! All our designs are first created in a 2D mock-up so you can see exactly what you are ordering. From there make any changes or finalize the design. Once approved, the design is sent to our US-based print shop, printed, and checked for quality, before being sent to you.

Your fall wedding deserves something extra special. With our custom designed coolie favors, people will be able to fondly remember your event every time they grab a drink. If you are ready to get started on your design, fill out the form on our website, send us an email, or give us a call to talk to a real person today.

Upload any type of file, image, logo, photo, etc and one of our designers will incorporate it into your design proof!