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Are you ready for the next hunting season?

Whether you’re new to hunting or a seasoned veteran, one thing you know for sure (or will certainly soon learn) is how important it is to keep yourself and all of your gear as camouflaged as possible! The KOOZIEⓇ Mossy Oak Camouflage insulated beverage container is a no brainer choice to add to all of your gear. Its notable leaf and stick pattern has been researched and carefully constructed to provide the most sophisticated form of camouflage for hunting of its kind. Specifically intended for seasonal turkey hunting, the KOOZIEⓇ Mossy Oak Camouflage insulated beverage container fits a standard 12oz can like a glove.

What print process do you offer on this style?

Our even popular KOOZIEⓇ Mossy Oak Camouflage insulated beverage container is able to be customized with a high quality single ink screen print process. Print options are available for both sides of the surface area in the size of a three inch square on either side. With single ink screen print, your product is placed and adjusted by hand on a specially formatted plate. A custom screen is burned and emulsified with your design and then fitted into the print rack. Our highly trained screen printers will then adjust and print each and every single one of the pieces you’ve ordered then placing them into a high heat dryer in order to provide that lasting high quality finish.

But won’t printing on it ruin the point of having something camouflage?

That’s really up to you and the type of event you’re having! If you’re hoping to use the KOOZIEⓇ Mossy Oak Camouflage insulated beverage container as part of a celebration for the avid hunter in your life, the print color you choose won’t matter so much! A bright orange is always a fun choice as are any of our other brighter, high contrast colors. Hoping for something more versatile that you can take with you in the field? Go with one of our more subtle options like camel or even grey and take advantage of that tone on tone look that’s so in style these days.

How can I be sure I’ll love it?

Have you ever seen a well constructed camo you didn’t love? KOOZIEⓇ Mossy Oak Camouflage insulated beverage container are a well known pattern and quality is synonymous with the name. Use these gorgeous pieces for years to come and you won’t be writing to us because you can’t use them, you’ll be writing to us because you want even more for your ever growing friend and family circle.

What ink colors look best?

If you’re hoping to really stand out, burnt orange, neon blue, athletic yellow, neon pink and neon green are all really fun bright choices. If you do decide to go for a more conservative, understated look, grey, camel, khaki and even gold shimmer can be good options that are less attention grabbing. Not sure what works best for you? We are happy to help with any and all of your color choices!  
Ink color chart

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