Mardi Gras KOOZIE® and Coolies - Custom -

Mardi Gras KOOZIE® and Coolies - Custom

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You always wanted to celebrate Mardi Gras with your friends in New Orleans but it’s always too expensive for you, just can’t afford but here is a way for you to feel like you are in New Orleans celebrating it live. You can throw your own party and invite your friends. Plan a BBQ with drinks and great food to go around expect you are missing one thing. You can get yourself and your friends a KOOZIE® & COOLIES of their own to enjoy their drinks, with KOOZIE® & COOLIES your drinks will stay fresh just the way you like it. Mardi Gras is a way for you and your friends to come together and just have good times enjoying each other company. Our KOOZIE® & COOLIES will make it that much special for you and your friends. Who doesn’t love Mardi Gras, it’s a special way to spend quality time with those that you care about dearly. Tell us what you want on your KOOZIE® & COOLIES or any other detail you would like to add or modify to it. Remember there are different options for different kind of containers we have KOOZIE® & COOLIES for cans, for tall bottles and for glass bottles, and further we offer you various materials, such as neoprene foam, flexi fabric, hard foam and zipper fabric. One of our KOOZIE® & COOLIES agents will help you if you have any question. Make this the best Mardi Gras party you have ever had.

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