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E.g. My best friend is getting married in Florida and we are doing the bachelorette party in Miami. She is marrying a guy with the last name "Dicker" so I want it to say "Donna takes the D" on one side. And on the other side "Donna's Bachelorette Party 2016


It’s wedding season!

Well, technically, here at Coolienation.com, it is always wedding season! Thinking of heading out to Vegas for the weekend with the girls?

Whilst we would love to go out for drinks with ya’ll, we will send our love and regards in a box filled with customized koozies! Bachelorette parties are our specialty here at Coolienation.com!

We love bachelorette parties as much as… well, beer. Bachelorette parties are the ritual in every woman’s life, bachelorette parties are the farewell party to a woman’s single life. And as many of us know, every party needs proper party favors to celebrate such a special day!

Below is a list of our handpicked bachelorette party sayings:

1. For all of those girls throwing a party on a boat, our “Let’s Get Nauti” design is perfect! Drink up and please, do get nauti 
2. “Something Borrowed, Something Blue, We Party Harder Than You” is a perfect design for a night out in town!
3. Heading to Las Vegas? Our “We Are What Happens in Vegas” design is a great alterative!
4. Cruising to the Caribbean? “Time To Get Ship Faced” will literally have you ship faced!
5. How about “Last Sail Before The Veil”? This design will have you ship faced and getting nauti at the same time!
6. “One Last Fling Before The Ring”
7. “Before [insert name] says “I Do” Let’s Have A Drink Or Two”
8. Throwing a western themed bachelorette? “Boots, Beer, And Bling” will have you dancing and drinking the night away!
9. Get people to buy a drink with “Buy Me A Shot [insert name] is tying the knot!
10. Throwing a fiesta bachelorette? How about you and your gals “Fiesta Like There Is No Manana”

Thinking hot pink koozies? We got you covered! How about a top-notch design that will make you laugh? Are you thinking of something cute, simple, yet funny?

We know what you mean. You want something modern, classy, yet, fun.

Let us help you mix fonts and make your party favors unique. At Coolienation.com we speak bachelorette language. Just tell us your idea and we will make it happen!

Our beer koozies are guaranteed to keep your drink cold, while you dance the night away! Keep it simple with our collapsible fabric koozies, or take a notch and upgrade to neoprene! Will you be drinking from cans, or bottles, or a mix of both? We’ve got you covered!

The point is, we want you to have a blast with your friends!

Visit our Art Studio and unleash the Picasso in you! Got an idea in mind? Let us know and we’ll make your idea a reality! Our team of experts are always here to help you