Graduation Koozies Highschool, College - Personalized -
Graduation Koozies Highschool, College - Personalized
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Need a personalized graduation gift? KOOZIE® & COOLIES! offers the lowest prices, guaranteed! Choose from a variety of styles, colors, art and sayings!

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Celebrate graduation with!

If you arrived at this page it is because one of two things:

1. You are the loved one of someone graduating, and or,
2. You yourself are the graduate (and if this is the case – let me be the first to say – Congratulations!!!

(Note, if you are not one of the above, you probably want to go back where you came from)

So now that we have that cleared up, we can move on to step 2…

Custom Graduation KOOZIE® & COOLIES.

Generally when someone graduates you have a party… and generally there are lots of beverages (many adult beverages) to be had and enjoyed by all. Also, it is important to note that most people graduate in the months of May and June – and in most parts of the United States – it is HOT – which means your beverage will get warm… unless… You have custom graduation KOOZIE® & COOLIES!

So order some now:

The steps are:

1. Feel out the free proof form…

2. Tell us about your design – you can choose from one of the templates or go completely customizeable. If you go for full customization – it is probably best to include a few things…e.g. the graduates name, the date, and the school he is graduating from. You may also want to include the degree they are receiving.

3. In about an hour from filling out the form you will receive a free proof.

4. If you like it, call us, pay for it and will ship it to you right away!

That is all you need to do – and once again congratulations on graduating – it is a big step in whatever direction you choose to take!!!

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Upload any type of file, image, logo, photo, etc and one of our designers will incorporate it into your design proof!