Custom Flags | Ten Reasons Why You Should Create A Custom Flag
Fly The Flag! Ten Reasons Why You Should Create A Custom Flag

So let’s say for argument’s sake that you’ve decided to become a pirate. Well now you’ve got a lot to figure out. Finding a vessel and crew is probably your biggest hurdle. Being a pirate is more than just walking the walk. Pirate talk is half the battle. If you need a refresher course on pirate speak check out this blog for some tips. But, let’s just say you’ve figured out all of that and you’re ready to set sail, you still need a personalized flag. No self-respecting pirate would be caught dead on the water without her flag.

In this modern era, being a pirate is only one of the many reasons one might need a custom flag. Nearly all events and celebrations could use something to help set it apart and make it your own. Here are ten events that would be perfect for a customizable flag.


With everything else that is used to make a wedding special, why not custom flags? A flag is a perfect opportunity to showcase the color scheme, hashtag, dates, etc... or simply show the new couple’s name.  You could also include the location, a photograph or a symbol of something the couple finds important.

2.Patriotic Holidays

From Memorial Day to Independence Day we love to celebrate this great nation and one simple yet classic way is to fly an American flag. But imagine being able to customize that flag with your family or friend groups’ name. You can hang it indoors but they would also fly greatly in the weather.


What better way to honor the student in your life than with a personalized flag that can be a keepsake forever? After all their hard work the graduate has finally made it and can now look forward to the future. You can always go traditional with a horizontal flag but these designs can be made vertical as well.


Parties are great, themed parties are better. That’s the beauty of Halloween, the themes are vast yet each one is just as good as the next one. Your flag could announce the theme with our premium size or add to it subtly with our more economical size. No judgements here, your decorative style is up to you.


There are several birthdays that make milestones for most of us. The 21st, 30th or 50th are just a few. Showcase your special day with a custom flag created and designed with you in mind. While we’re on the topic of numbers, who says our flag has to be correct? There is nothing wrong with turning 25 multiple times.


The best thing about Christmas is that it’s more of a season than a day. Your unique holiday flag can be hanging on your front porch for several weeks showing the Christmas Spirit. The fabric we use for our flags are long-lasting and lightweight so they’ll be able to move nicely in the breeze.


Something we don’t always think about are promotions. For some, jobs are a really big deal and deserve to be celebrated with a very nice wall decoration. But that’s the beauty of celebrations whether it’s for CEO or for Production Assistant if it’s huge for you then it’s huge for us.

8.Gender Reveal

Another great reason to celebrate could also be pregnancies. Add a little flair to your gender reveal by designing your own flag to be revealed at just the right time. Do California a favor and keep the reveal safe and flame free with our personalized flags.


Whether it’s your friends or family all vacations are special. Make your home away from home look a little more personal with a customized flag as well as remind your guests which beach house is yours. Our flags can be double-sided so you should be able to spot it no matter which direction you’re coming from.


What a great way to unite a group of people who may not have seen each other for some time. You could literally come together under your own family flag. Not all of us have been blessed with an artistic side. But if you have an idea for a family crest then our designers can make that vision a reality.

If you’re feeling inspired, matey, feel free to visit our website and place an order. The design process is super easy and our sales agents will help you every step of the way. If you aren’t sure exactly what you want just fill out a free proof and get the process going. All our flags are printed and sewn right here in the US. So get out there and really seas the day.

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