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How One Church Is Helping Make A Huge Difference

            It’s no surprise to hear that Covid-19 affected a lot of people in very negative ways. Something that doesn’t always get broadcast however is how many are reaching out during these difficult times to help. We at CoolieNation partnered with a church in Richmond last year to help with their mask supply. Belmont Methodist has been hosting food drives since 2004 and when the pandemic hit, their job was made infinitely harder and more essential. Masks quickly became the best way to keep everyone safe including the volunteers so we began donating to their cause and I wanted to share with you a bit of their journey.

The Rest of the Story

The Belmont Food Pantry has been serving around 1,200 to 1,500 individuals on a weekly basis, which was greatly increased when the pandemic hit. They recently had an influx of 100 more families at one of their drives. Many of the food insecure families are homeless or Hispanic, which on top of everything adds a language barrier that can be difficult. It helps that the Pastor Larry Cochran can speak Spanish to better serve them.

How It Works

Each car is given a number that correlates to how much they receive as well as a face mask that can quite literally be saving lives. They will receive an assortment of produce, deli, meat and a miscellaneous bag of toiletries. They even have been able to hand out flowers that really brightens people’s day. The volunteers are not only concerned about physical hunger in the area, they also care about the mental health of all involved.

What They Need

Belmont is the largest church on the south side of the James River, in Richmond and therefore has a large operation when it comes to packing and distribution. Volunteers are always welcome to help. By connecting with FeedMore, Belmont is able to gather food from various grocery stores each week, but accept any donations. Clothing, food or mask donations are all greatly appreciated.

How To Get Involved

You can visit their website,, to learn more. You can also help start your own fundraiser by visiting our new Community Partnership Project page. The heart of a volunteer can be a wonderful thing that doesn’t always ask for help. If you can’t spare anything you can always share the news with others by sharing this article.

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