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Do you love cold drinks and hate table rings?

Well we have the product for you. Custom neoprene coasters come in both circle and square cuts and can be completely customized with your design. Not only that, but they are heat sublimated so they can be printed with a photograph or any multiple color logo you please. Since they are made of neoprene material, they are nice and sturdy and can be reused over and over. Unlike paper coasters that are flimsy and don't last very long, with these neoprene coasters you can enjoy your awesome colorful design for a very long time.

Why are custom coasters a great party favor?

This is both a gift for your guest, but also for you. When you give these out at the beginning of the party, everyone will appreciate the cool design and love the personalized gift as a token of your friendship. When the cold drinks are poured and everyone is is having a great time in your house, you can rest assured that no one is placing their wet cup on your beautiful walnut table, at least not without first putting down their custom coaster. There is literally no excuse for your guests to leave horrible moisture rings that ruin your furniture because you have provided the custom coasters!

These are wonderful for weddings, bachelor parties, engagement dinners, baby showers, graduation parties, brewery events, open mic nights, NFL viewing parties, book clubs, you name it. Stop letting people leave their sweaty drink marks all over your house and order custom coolies today!