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4th Of May Custom KOOZIE® and Coolies - Star Wars

Are you ready for May the 4th? Because it’s approaching us quicker than a runaway Ewok on a speeder bike. This isn’t to be taken lightly; it’s a special once-a-year celebration where we can come together to fully appreciate the galaxy far, far away...

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Personalized Labor Day Gifts Your Employees Will Love

Want to honor your employees this Labor Day? Try getting them one of these Labor Day gifts, which they are sure to appreciate. Are you ready for Labor Day? Have you figured out the best ways to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work? Labor Day gifts are a great tradition...

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Tips To A Great Memorial Day BBQ

Here is a quick guide of the dos and don’ts of all Memorial Day BBQ Parties… Enjoy, and try clicking on the images to see our favorite Memorial Day Coolie designs templates! 1. Create a good guest list. Guys, all parties start with a solid guest list…

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Best Beverages to fit your 12oz Slim Can Coolers

If you are looking for a 12oz slim can cooler, look no further! We specialize in full color logo and photograph prints to customize your 12 ounce cooler and keep your slim can cold. Beverage companies have always experimented with different can sizes, but it seems like slim cans are growing...

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8 Things You Need to Know about Tall Slim Cans.

Keep on reading to discover answers to the most popular questions we have received about tall slim cans, and maybe discover something you didn’t know before! 1. Do tall slim cans have the same amount of liquid as standard cans? What are the dimensions? How do they compare? A 12oz can holds about 355 milliliters of liquid..

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5 Tips To Build A Better Biz

Mass personalization and, in turn, customization, is quickly becoming a reality. According to a 2015 study by business advisory firm Deloitte, 36% of consumers saying they are interested in personalized products or services. Not surprisingly, those under 40 are more...

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