Order Custom KOOZIE® Store and Coolies For The Beach

Order Custom KOOZIE® and Coolies For The Beach

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Who wants to go to the beach?

Honestly, I very rarely hear anyone say they DO NOT want to go to the beach, unless there is a hurricane coming around the corner, it is 150 degrees, or there is no cold beer to be had…

On the topic of cold beer at the beach, it is an easier thing said than done. Cold beer can make a beach trip perfect or it can sink your trip like black beard’s ship of the outer banks of North Carolina…

And it is as easier thing to say than to actually pull off. To pull off cold beer you need three things and three things only – a cooler, a bag of ice, and a custom Coolie from coolienation.com. The cooler and the ice we cannot fabricate but you can buy them at any gas station on the way to the beach (also where you should buy your beer – that way it goes straight from the fridge to the cooler)…

But the need for a custom Coolie – we can cover that like a jimmy cap… All you need to do is fill out the free proof form and you are on your way to having you custom beach KOOZIE® & COOLIES ready for your next trip to the sand.

A boy with cap smiling enjoy his beach's coolie at coolienation.com

That’s My Beach coolie

Surf’s Up and Drinks are Cold!!!

Surfing is my hobby of choice and drinking warm anything after makes my face scrunch. I contacted coolienation.com to custom koozify  a coolie for me. I was just getting so sick of drinkin warm liquids with a salty taste in my mouth. I just had ENOUGH.  Brian answered the phone when I called. He said, “Thank you for calling coolienation.com this is Brian can I help you!” I studdered at first because the long “O” just made me chuckle.  He was such a helpful young chap. He took down all my information and told me that the word COWABUNGA was a very popular surf term used in New Zealand and that it would be very original in the States, so I said whip it up for me and can you send me a proof before I pay. He said of course and we hung up the phone. 10 minutes later he wrote me back. Not only was I impressed with his timely manner but the Coolie quote was cheap and the proof was awesome. He knew just what I wanted, it was like he was in my mind!

Thanks Brian at coolienation.com you solved my warm beverage problem.

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